My One Day Genie+ Hopping Day. Any advice?

I have one day in the parks coming up before we head out on a cruise. It will be my first time using Genie+, so I want to make sure I am thinking of this right.

6:45a - Purchase Genie+, since I have a one day ticket.
7:00a - Purchase $ILL for Remy’s (family top choice for a must do)
- Then book our first LL for MK where we have park reservation before hopping
7:07ish - If I don’t like the LL I got for MK, I can hope for a drop to come with a better time for us.

I know I can check for other drops later on, but basically from the time we are in the park, I am back into the “grab the first/best” strategy I used to use for FP+. By that I mean, grab the earliest available time for the best attraction listed.

I have been through the Drop thread, so I have those times down. Am I missing anything in the process?

The overall plan of starting in MK until noon parade, hopping to Epcot for F&G, and then back to MK for Enchantment is really not up for changing… Unless someone gives me a really good reason to.

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No personal experience with Genie+, but the first post in this thread has great info-

But mostly I’m commenting to bump this post for you so someone with recent experience can check your times for you! :slight_smile:

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That plan should work! I don’t think you’ll have a real hard time getting a Remy ILL, but if you don’t see one for a good time at 7am, wait until the 7:17am drop.

Your park hopping plan works really well. I would recommend getting a morning LL, then trying to use as many immediate or early use ones as you can in the morning at MK, then stacking LLs for your MK evening while you’re at Epcot using the 2-hour rule.


I agree with everything JeffAZ said. We went last week and from what I can tell, your plan is solid. You should have no issue booking a ILL for Remy right at 7am, especially b/c you want a later time. I think morning times go faster, so you are good on that one. MK also has the most attractions to book for LLs, so you can likely snag a good one for that park right around 7am. The real issue we encountered was as the day got later, there were less LLs to book, so finding one you (1) wanted, and (2) fit your time frame, was difficult. But we always found something, even if it wasn’t our first choice (looking at you Nemo).


Thanks. Your advice is pretty much what I was thinking, but since I haven’t actually had to put any of my idea to use yet, I was relying on the experience of others. So, I appreciate your input.

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