My MK Touring Plan

Does anyone mind taking a look at my touring plan and letting me know how feasible this is?
It’s a MVMCP day and currently CL 2. Plan to arrive at RD. A few concerns:
Should I get a Fast Pass for Space Mountain? And then add a 4th fast pass for Splash Mt?
It doesn’t look the touring plans include bathroom breaks.
How does it assign wait times? Are these averages?
It’s giving me walk time from Main Street to Monsters Inc of 8 min. This seems excessive to me.
Is Monsters Inc worth back tracking for?

Appreciate the help.
I tried letting the software optimize for me but it has me doing things in an order I don’t want.

I’d be happy to look at it. You’ll have to go into the “edit plan” box at the top and click the “publish plan” option to make it visible first though.

A lot of the details can be finessed for your own preferences. I tend to set the plans for “minimize walking” and the slowest walking speed. That pads the plan with extra time for bathroom breaks, and it cuts down on the backtracking. You should be able to get tons done in a leisurely manner on a CL 2 day. Just be sure to re-evaluate (or optimize if you want the computer to decide things) your plan closer to your trip date. The crowd levels WILL be updated between now and then. I usually do it about a month in advance, and then again just a few days before my trips. Better to know if the estimates change than to be surprised.

It shows it is published. If you can’t open it then I’m clueless. I’m a first timer using the software.

I’m also having terrible issues with my HS plan. It should a huge amount of free time but tells me I can’t do everything I have listed - even when I let the software optimize it for me. :confused:

Huh. It still says I don’t have access to the plan. This is the publish plan box. (This is just a random Epcot TP of mine. It will look a bit different for you, especially if you’re on a desktop.) If you do have that little box at the bottom checked, then I have no idea why I can’t see it. Maybe it’s a problem on my end.

I can see it now! Give me a bit of time and I’ll look at it.


It looks pretty good. Your wait times are very short because of the CL 2. If the CL changes, you will see much longer waits for those Adventureland and Frontierland attractions in the afternoon. You might want to play around with the optimizer to take advantage of some of the time-saving the system can do for you. I’d at least look at what the software gives you if you put in pretend FP times for 3 headliners. It’s totally up to you though. Some people prefer to just use the software to know how long the waits are likely to be for their own itinerary.

If you like the way your plan looks right now, then I’d do FP for Jungle Cruise @2:00, Big Thunder Mountain @3:00 and Splash Mountain 4:00. You’ll end up with free time in your plan if you do that, but I’d keep the free time for snacks and rests. You’ll be tired in the afternoon.

One thing to think about is the fact that MK is a great park for getting 4th, 5th, etc FastPasses. If you schedule FastPasses for headliners (those 3 or others) for the late morning - maybe 10, 11 and 12 - then you will have more of a chance to get additional FastPasses later. It’s really easy to get additional FastPasses on your phone on low crowd days. It’s just a thought. If you don’t have your original ones scheduled until the afternoon, then you can’t try to get more until after those are used. However, if you have more than one MK day planned, and are happy to do just the things you’ve listed here, then your current plan is great. I love making MK touring plans because there are so many options. Your day can be exactly the way you want it to be.

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I appreciate the help!! That was my plan for FPs.

I did approx same dates last year and CL was extremely low - so fingers crossed it stays relatively the same. The plan is based on the Welcome Show in the morning (I need to add that!) and assumes we hit Space Mountain without a FP so I can get the 3 FPs you mention above on the same day. It’s first on the list because last visit we ended up skipping it altogether due to other Princess themed FPs. I can’t go to WDW AGAIN and miss out on Space Mt - not happening.

I like to stay in one land before moving on to the next land. I don’t like back tracking. I actually have 3 days in MK from 9am-7pm (party days) and 1 day that will prob be 3pm-Wishes on a CL 9 day (yikes!). This should allow us to do practically everything in MK. I also MUST squeeze in Meets with Tiana and Merida so I’m hoping those waits are not long and the schedules work.

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@SStottlemyer I think this is in the wrong forum. Can you move it to the WDW one? It might get more notice there. Thanks!

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I had no idea. Sorry about that! If I can figure out how to move it - sure!

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I totally agree. I don’t like backtracking either. Three days in MK will be great. You will be able to do everything. Absolutely.

Good golly, I wish I was going to MK today.

I also really, really dislike waiting in lines. And with a 5 year old who take hourly bathroom breaks, a good, strong plan is critical in everything we do.

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Given your trip is in December, I wouldn’t bother Fast Passing Splash Mountain - waits usually aren’t bad that time of year and if it’s cold at all, it’s a walk on.

The predicted wait on Pirates seems way low at 7 minutes & I’d say Big Thunder too. I’d look at those as good FP options in the afternoon. Jungle Cruise or a 2nd trip on Space would probably be my 3rd FP recommendation FWIW depending on your priority.

I might not be able to get my family on Space 2x. Too bad they don’t have a single rider line bc I would get off and get back on again. Pirates will be skipped if the wait is too long since DD doesn’t care for it much anyway.
Jungle Cruise, Splash and BTMR are my priority fast passes as long as my family can arrive at RD.

Speaking from an unfortunate personal experience, the MK after 5:30 on a party night is not a fun place to be. I was there until 6:30, and trying to get down MS at the end of the day was the worst WDW nightmare I’ve ever faced. And the CMs were just plain rude in the process of kicking us out of the park. And when I finally got out of the park, the line for the mono was almost to the bag check, and the ferry line was as bad. I waited almost 90 min for a launch to the GF (and was 30 min late for a Narcoossee’s ADR). Just something to consider.

IF the CL stays at a 2, then the rest of your plan is probably OK. But on my last experience, the posted CL 3 ended up being a 6, and the TP wait times were sadly out of line with what we actually experienced (off by as much as 100% in a couple of cases). Sorry to be a “downer” but that was the single worst day I’ve ever had at WDW, and I have sworn to never go to MK on a party day again, unless I have have a low-impact TP and plan to escape by 4:00…

Hey there!
Looks like a solid TP! We will be at MK the same day :slight_smile: My TP is a tad more laid back because I’ll have a toddler in tow lol. Anyway, someone on this forum suggested to me that I save the indoor attractions (Philharmagic, CB Jamboree, HOP, Monster’s Inc laugh floor, etc) for the very busy day (Sat 12/17) calling for CL 9/10! Mostly, this is due to the fact that those attractions ALWAYS have little wait times…Just thought I’d share the info. Plus there’s still those three FP+ res’ for that day too!

Not much to add, but you asked about Monsters Inc. We enjoy it and go every time. Because it’s live comedy, the show is always different. I mean it’s the same formula, but the jokes are different and it’s always enjoyable. Also, it’s one of the closest attractions to the hub in Tomorrowland, so you’re not really backtracking all that much. It looks like more on the map than it is.

As for the morning show, definitely add it to your plan. I know when I added it to mine, it changed my times, as it knew I was waiting to enter at 9am, not just arriving (behind the throngs) at 9am.

Oh, I forgot. I usually add rests in my plan where I think people will want bathroom breaks. If you’re concerned, you could try that. I also use rests if I think I will be able to get into one of the shops or if there’s a chance for an ice cream stop. My kids like to do the shooting arcade in Adventureland, so I put in a rest there for 10 minutes.

Thanks everyone!

I will check in with crowd levels and evaluate again as it gets closer - and once I have ADR finalized too.
I won’t be in a particular hurry to leave MK that day. We’re eating in the park and then heading back to the hotel. DH won’t mind stopping at some retail stores on Main St to wait out the crowds. :slight_smile:

I am considering doing FP for Space Mt though. I’ll be crushed if I don’t ride it again this year. DD is not excited about Splash Mt but she can be convinced I think.

I will be sure to do the Monster’s Inc. I added the Welcome Show and it bumped my last 2 attractions outside of the 7pm cut off.