My HS Touring plan for TSL question

Our HS day is Fri 10/19, crowd level 6. I was unable to get a FP for SDD but did get one for SS at 9:30. We plan to arrive for rope drop (opening is 9am). My customized TP says to do TSM first at 9:18 with a 19 min wait followed by SS at 9:47 using my FP then SDD at 9:58 with a wait time of 35 mins. It seems to me that we should head for SDD first, but maybe TP knows something I don’t? Should I stick to the TP or go for SDD first?


I think more experienced liners out there will chime in but TP does not currently have accurate wait times for TSL rides since there is not enough data yet. Therefore that low wait time is likely inaccurate. You should get there pre RD since they have been letting people in early (unless it is an EMM day?) and head straight to SDD.

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Does anyone have ideas on when wait times will be updated for TSL rides? I realize they might not be accurate for a while, but every update will be better, right?
Maybe they just update with every monthly adjustment?

I’m debating whether I work on my HS touring plan in the next few days, or wait until early Oct to do it. My FP day is Oct 8.

I just refreshed (optimized) my plan this morning and it’s the same as when I created it so no updates yet. You might as well go ahead and create your plans because you can always update and optimize them. As far as FP goes, you know you’re going to want to try for SDD or SS, assuming you plan to ride those, as your tier 1. I think ToT and RnR are almost always suggested as the 2nd and 3rd if you plan to ride those.

Better to get SS as a tier 1, over TSMM? I’d been expecting to get TSMM, since I likely won’t get SDD (My day is 60+1).

I have heard that lots of people have been getting same day for TSM. There are still several available when I look at my dates less than 30 days away.The SS have been gone for awhile. Also the queue for TSM is covered and fun whereas SS isn’t either.

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That’s what I was planning, was to get there early hoping to be let in earlier (not an EM day) and head for SDD but that Touring plan had me second guessing my thoughts. It makes sense that the times aren’t accurate yet. Thanks everyone!

Side note. I plugged in a SDD, for an emh day, and it said I should wait until after park opening for SDD for a 35 minute wait. BUT, when I moved SDD to 8am, and evaluated, it’s showing a 60+ minute wait, which is throwing the whole TP off, because of subsequent attraction waits are all thrown off. Not buying at 60 minute wait on an EMH day. We’ll be at the front of the pack for emh rope drop, as well. I’m going to assume I’ll just have to re-optimize after going on the ride and marking it done, but I’m just not buying a 60 minute wait on an emh day right off the bat. Predicted cl is like a 3, as well.

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I think the difference is whether you’re at the front of the RD crowd or not. If you’re at the front of the crowd then I’d definitely do SDD first as you should have little wait. But that’s where almost everyone is going, so if you’re not right at the front you’re going to have a longer wait. In my experience, TP generally assumes you won’t be at the front, hence a longer wait right at open for that one.

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Wow - this is killing me. I keep playing with my TP to see if I can get it to give me a <1hr wait on SDD. Never. I’ve never waited that long for a ride at Disney. My kids might revolt.

I expect we could be somewhere in the middle of the pack at RD, but we’ve got little legs, so there won’t be any chance of being first in line. Any idea what to expect in that case? We’ll get to HS a good half-hour to hour before RD, but that’s not the front. Right?

If you do find yourself not at the front of the pack you might be better off waiting until literally minutes before closing if you’ll still be there. I’ve heard the wait times are 30 mins or less around then. Be warned that the posted time will likely be inflated to discourage people though so don’t pay attention to that.

How does that work at HS? Do you have to skip all of the shows that are just after closing?

Well it depends on which show you’re wanting to see and the times. You’ll have to check the schedule for your day. On my day, park closing is 8 and Fantasmic is at 8 while Star Wars is 8:30. We’re going to Star Wars but not Fantasmic so theoretically we could get in line for SDD while everyone else is finding seats for Fantasmic and then head to watch Star Wars. I’ve not actually done this though so maybe someone who has been recently can give more information.

I have not watched this yet but suspect it may help you

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Of course it’s going to depend on the day and crowd levels, but I feel like if you’re there 60 minutes before RD and can walk at a moderate pace back to SDD, you’ll be fine. Probably something of a wait but nowhere close to an hour. Keep in mind that they’ve been letting people in the park before 9:00 on a lot of days, so if that continues, 30 minutes before may not be enough.

I waited that long with an EMH 8am opening on a CL4 day a few weeks ago.
I was at the park about 7:15, they let us through the tapstiles about 7:40, and I think we got into the park about 7:55, they didn’t open earlier.
I was pretty close to the front, but I did keep getting cut off by people trying to get to TSL and there were people that seemed to be coming from a slightly different direction and cutting into the line right at the animation courtyard.

An hour?
If it looks like that long, we’ll skip it and hit tsmm for sure.

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