My FP+ date is THIS Thursday! Tips on my strategy?

64 days and counting…that magical 60th day is this Thursday and I think I know what I want for the most part.

One general question I’d like opinions on - does everyone agree w/ making FP selections as early in the day as possible to get the ball rolling on using that 4th rolling FP? Or is it wiser to plan on SB earlier in the day, then set up FPs for mid-day crowd timeframes, and use a combo of the 4th rolling FP and SB for evening/night?

Haunted Mansion is closed for our first several days in the parks (:sob:) BUT opens on our last full day which happens to be a MK day for us…so I’ll absolutely get a FP for that on that particular day, and we will do SB as well…may even hit it during MVMCP that night.
The Epcot plan is to FP FEA, and RD (or close to RD as well get there TT and SB for Soarin’). We will likely begin that day in FW for that, and FP FEA right before or after our 1:30 Akershus lunch, then spend the day in WS afterwards, a we are attending the CLP 6:45 show and have dinner at Biergarten.
For MK, the FP priorities for us will be some big ones such as 7DMT, PPF, maybe even BTMR and Splash. We’ve never done Splash, first few years kids were too small and since then it’s been cool enough where it wasn’t a priority for us but we’d all like to this trip. Should I bother FP-ing this the week after Thanksgiving or nah?
For HS, we’ll FP TSMM, Star Tours and not sure what else…we have no desire to do RNR, so maybe ToT.
We are not using FP at AK on our day 1 because that will be a 1/2 day park for us, and we are hopping to MK around 3-4 pm ( MK closes at 10 pm that day) and using our FP selections there.
We’re pretty experienced w/ FP+, but any insight on what to use them on at MK would be appreciated! We know 7DMT and PPF, but open to suggestions! :smiley:

On a related note…I just looked at the FastPass availability here on TP and it looks like Distribution is Done for HM on Dec. 2… :sob:
I wonder if this is maybe inaccurate due to the current closure/refurb or if they really are all gone for that date already?? It’s not even 60 days from now, but 60+4…

Your plan looks great to me. My two cents:

  • I would DEFINATELY do Splash. It is in our opinion the best ride in all of Walt Disney World. DS was 5 at the time we were there the last time (2 years ago), and he hasn’t stoppet talking about it. The visible area from the outside (the hill) is the least interesting thing about the ride. It’s the theming, the atmosphere, the neat surprises… it is just so great!
  • I had heard that the new, interactive Peter Pan stand by line was so great that it is better to rope drop it instead of getting a FP+ (the FP+ line bypasses the interactive elements). I was very unsure of what to do until I saw a youtube video from that interactive stand by line. That made up my mind - we’re rope dropping Peter Pan :relaxed:

Good to know about both! I may grab a FP for Peter Pan and we’ll plan to RD it one day too. We love that ride…and definitely want to do it more than once.

In MK, I like to start my FPP at 10. I do 10, 11, 12. It leaves time for a 4th since you don’t really need FPP for anything that first 1-2 hours. The only exception to this would be 7DMT. This line builds quickly and stays long most of the day. If I am able to get a FPP for 7DMT at 9 am, I would take it. Hit the other rides in Fantasy land at rope drop and then jump on 7DMT right before the 9-10am (9:59am) window closes. Then FPP would be 9, 10, 11 with lots of time to get extras. MK is my favorite place for extras because there are so many options. If I am able to get 7DMT at 9, I would rope drop PP and Pooh. Then use my 10, 11 for Splash and BTMRR. Try for Space Mountain as a 4th or if coasters are not your family’s things maybe Enchanted Tales with Belle. There are so many combinations in MK that will work you almost can’t go wrong once you lock down 7DMT at least.

In EP, it is pretty hard to get a meaningful 4th FPP so I plan a bit differently. Depending on my plan for that day I do one of two things. 9 and 10 for two tier two and 11 am for my tier one. RD the other tier one choice let my tier 2’s expire and try for TT (evening for my 4th as soon as I scan at 10:55am my tier one). If I am arriving later in the day, then I would schedule starting 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and hit the remaining tier ones right before closing after exploring world show case and having dinner. Another option is to do your tier 1 at 9:00am. Rope drop one tier one. Use your FPP as soon as you finish with the first tier one. Scan your tier 2 (not necessarily riding) move the next tier 2 up. Scan the 2nd tier 2 again not necessarily riding. And immediately try to book TT or Soaring as a 4th.

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This is mainly what I am trying to decide on BEFORE day/time comes to make my selections, lol. I want to get them for earlier and have better selection choices for that 4th one but as you said, first 1-2 hours are great touring time and the need for FPP isn’t as great. Except of course for 7DMT. I suppose if I can snag it for 9 I will, then do 10 & 11.

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How early would you say the SB lines starts really building for PP? We FP this the past few years and luckily caught it several more times with little to no wait (crowds were just not that high).

I was thinking FP for these two - we want to do both. The jury’s out if my kids want to do Space w/ DH this year but I do not, lol! :wink:

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We are definitely going to fit Splash in this year…everyone loves it. We’ll be there the week after Thanksgiving but it’s FL so I’m sure at some point it’ll be warm enough, lol.

Maybe 9:30 ish

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