My first TP! opinions please!

This is our first trip to WDW! Here is my first TP, I would appreciate opinions please! I know that I would like to keep KRR for after lunch and intend of trying to get a fast pass. TP does not have me going to KS or EE first do you think this is ok?

I’m not sure if safari opens for EMH, which could be why. It is in a perfect spot in relation to seeing FotLK; consider FPP for it.

Also, consider FPP for KRR at the time you have it.

Otherwise this looks good for the attractions you have listed. Are you doing another day at AK? Is there a reason you are only touring there 8a-3p? There are several more attractions I personally wouldn’t miss that you don’t have here. But it’s personal choice so that’s fine if that’s what works for you!

I would do Triceratops Spin and Primeval Whirl one after the other to cut down on backtracking to Dinosaur.

don’t forget the nighttime stuff coming to AK @LeighLeighJ!! Keep an eye out for that so you can add to your plans afterwards!
I’d also recommend adding conservation station and the train ride to/from to your plan!
I’ve also heard rave reviews for Nemo here… are you planning on watching that?

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Thanks for the advice! Our original plans are to hop over to MK for a 7pm ressie at LTT so I was planning for an earlier day at AK to have a little down time before dinner. Maybe I’ll make an afternoon TP with some of your suggestions for if the kids are going strong… Kinda waiting to hear reviews of AK nighttime before cancelling LTT plans. Also have a day at the end of our trip that we are keeping flexible so we can choose to go back to whichever park we feel like we need more of!