My first FPP booking experience

Well, I made it. Worth staying up? Yes. The #1 tool that helped me was going in with rough touring plans so that I could know what things should get FPP and when. Having TP suggest FPP for my
Specific dates and touring = priceless. A few tips picked up here that I thankfully used:

  1. A&E start at your last day of trip. Grab what you can get! Adjust later. I was only able to get this for party of 4 on day 8!

  2. Ditto for 7D, although that was slightly easier.

  3. Yes breaking up party can help... Got 7d for 2 of us at one time, 2 at another (7D) early in trip.

  4. Make them for earlier in day- easier to move later vs bump earlier.

Overall I feel like the system is super user friendly... But at the expense of being annoying and taking a LONG time to adjust stuff. Now to stalk a few ADRs and finish this countdown!! smile


I agree with your summary. I guess I got a bit lucky as I managed to get 7dmt on the day after check-in and A&E right before MNSSHP. I do agree that all the amendments take ages to sort. I had about 10 days worth to do and all the fiddling to get near the times that I wanted took me about 4 hours! to do everything.

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I'm so glad it went well.

Thanks @SallyEppcot - I was up wAAAAY too late getting it set but I think all but 2 days will be left "as-is" so that's cool!

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I was up WAAAY too late as well. smile

I have a FPP question. I have to make 10 days of FPPs. Which sytem would be most effective? 1) book all 10 days worth of FPP and then revisit each day and fine tune the times or 2) Book a day, fine tune, then book the next day?

I'm getting the impression it would be best to start with my MK dates, then Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and finally Animal Kingdom. Would that be accurate?



Fiel I did MK first, starting with my final day. Grabbed what it offered then each MK day went back and tried for better times one day at a time. I then went into each other park and picked, fixed, etc one day at a time.

Right at this minute I can still get almost anything. I did a bit more adjusting this morning after running new TPs with my actual FPP times.

@Mrs_Beast are you able to get 7DMT early on in the trip? I am helping some friends that are going end of Nov and not sure what to tell them. they will only be there 5 days. they want to do 7DMT day after check in.

On day 3 we got FPP- but had to split 2 at one time 2 at another time. I would tell them start at the end- and grab it quick.

I also started with the last day of our trip at MK and booked A&E and 7 Dwarves with no problem. I highly recommend this because when I immediately followed that with days earlier in our trip we were able to get 7 Dwarves but not A&E. I was able to fine tune the times after I made all of the fast pass ressies. We are going from 11/9-11/16.

Thanks for the guidance @Mrs_Beast and @Mom2Girls1980

I didn't have any trouble getting 7DMT for any day of our trip. I don't want to give you false confidence, but it was pretty easy for us.

Just finished booking ours. Not able on a 6 day trip with last day at MK to get A&E. Also no 7D for first 2 days. There was 7D for last day and pretty much any time I wanted was available. Super disappointing not to get A&E. My DD8 asked to do 2 things- BOG and A&E but wasn't able to get either despite 6am ADR attempts and midnight FPP attempts. Oh well guess we will just stand in line for them!

Keep checking back @TJDisneymom! I didn't get AE at 60 days but kept trying and about a week and a half later - success! Also heard yesterday that the sing along was extended at HS so grabbed our FPP's for that too. Those seem to be easy to come by (for now). If you go ahead and get that on your schedule you'll feel a little better. And don't forget you can get FP for BOG lunch! Good luck to you.

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Oh I'm sorry @TJdisneymom. Maybe they will add some A&E somewhere. I hope so!

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Thanks for the support! What is the easiest way to check for a FP for A&E? I scheduled other things for our days, but how do you check for a specific item at any time?

Edit: never mind I found the answer elsewhere in a thread! I guess it will show you all things available when you try to change experience.

From the app choose Select New FPP Experiences if searching a day you already have FPP in another park. Select Modify my Existing FPP for days you have FPP reserves at MK. If you see that AE is not available just select back and you won't lose anything you had previously sch'd. I also heard trying for one person at a time and modifying times to overlap has helped others. You can do the same from the web, can't recall each step w/o looking at the screen.

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Okay, dumb question. We arrive Nov 16th. So 60 days is September 17th. Which is actually midnight EST on the 16th (i.e. in 24 hours!), right???

I always check the MDE countdown. If you log onto it from a computer and then click your avatar it will bring you to your countdown page. If it says 61 days today it would be midnight Eastern daylight savings time tonight.

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I used the Disney magnet (told me what day) that was sent, plus Disney sent me happy mail the week before reminding me to do it and what day. smile but if not sure log on and see. Best way to be sure.