My first ever FP day is tomorrow! SDD is terrifying. Update: got it!

hope you got all you wanted

I got Slinky Dog at 12:30!! There’s 4 of us and it is my last park day, so that helped for sure. 60+5. There were lots of times left.

A weird glitch happened though. I got all of my passes in order and printed it so I’d have a hard copy. Then my husband suggested making one modification to an unimportant FP (Indiana Jones stunt show) so I did. Then When I went back to the main FP page Slinky Dog was completely GONE!! My heart was racing as I double checked and yup. No longer there. I started getting a new fast pass, hoping it was still available, it now being 7:30 est while my husband confirmed it had been on the print out hard copy. It just disappeared!! I was able to go in and get it again thank goodness. But it was so weird. A couple other glitchy things happened so be sure to go back and check yours after you finish up.


Well done! Congrats on getting everything you wanted.

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I’d die twice.


Similar thing happened to me. My reservations said party of 1 instead of 3. They were fine in web version though. I nearly died.


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:joy: I wish I would have videoed my husband and I sitting at our computer at 6 am trying to be calm and steady while getting our fast passes, then to see the absolute panic when SDD was gone. I think my kids would appreciate seeing it when they are older :rofl: