My DIsney Experience

Is anyone having trouble logging into My Disney Experience? I have been trying for 2 days and it’s just churning. Thank you!

Are you accessing it via app or web-based?

If app, uninstall and re-install.

If web-based — probably just typical WDW IT

Thank you! I’m on the web…they must be having issues:)

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Have you tried clearing your cookies or logging in using incognito or private? I was logged in last night through Safari.

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I just tried from my phone. It is saying it is having a problem seeing my tickets but resort reservation and ADRs are there. It also gave me access to Passholder resort rates so it can in fact see my AP.

clear cookies and temp int files close down browser and try again

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I had a problem on phone, uninstalled, reinstalled, now it’s all good. A little slow.

@carolinamom3 the website seems to be up and down a lot this weekend. My reservations keep disappearing then reappearing.

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I had a problem from the UK; but all OK 20 minutes later.

I’d called Disney on Friday, to make some changes that I couldn’t do on the webpage. I had also been having problems seeing some of my reservations, but that wasn’t what I was asking about. One of the women that I talked to mentioned that they were making “Magical Enhancements” so I’m not surprised we’re seeing problems. She said I shouldn’t trust anything on the webpage, for now.

Euphemism at its finest

I think they were still recovering from the free dining swarm…