My Disney Experience Questions

I bought tickets through undercover tourist and reserved rooms through MVT. One reservation for my family and one for my in laws. Right now I have my Disney Experience set up for myself with my family and in laws listed as friends. Should my in laws set up their own account if I’m doing all of the planning for us? We’re almost out 180 days next Monday so I can start doing dining reservations so I wanted to make sure I have it set up right before then. Also should I like the tickets from undercover tourist now or wait until closer to our travel dates? TIA!

Yes, your in-laws should set up their My Disney Experience (MDE) and accept your friends request, then you can book FastPasses (FP) for everyone in your party. You can not book any FPs until 60 days from when your Disney property stay begins, so you still have time. Your admission tickets will need to be linked to your MDE before you can book FPs. Your admission tickets do not need to be linked to book dining.

It doesn’t matter for dining reservations. You don’t have to name anyone other than the lead name (yours). You can add them to other people later easily enough.

As for the parents’ MDE… will they want to be able to make their own plans at all, go off on their own and make spur of the moment FPs etc? If yes, the have them set up an account, otherwise you’d have to give them your password and let them go on as you.

You have time, no need to rush.

Personally, we all have our own accounts, even the boys who were about 13 and 16 when we first had them. That way we are all free to do our own thing when we want to. It can complicate things if you are all managed by one person and then want to create an account later. It needs a phone call to untangle things.

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My assumption is that I will do all the planning. They don’t have a smartphone so I can’t envision them changing fastpasses etc.

That makes it a lot easier. Just set them up as managed by you then!

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Given this information I agree with @Nicky_S. You just manage it all and don’t worry about setting up a MDE they won’t or don’t know how to use.

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