My Disney Experience not working at all - FP day today! :(

I’ve been trying to book my FPPs for thirty minutes. Tried app on phone and both browsers on computer. I can’t get anything confirmed and keep getting error messages. HELP!

Same here!
I did get our first three FP and then nothing! Just poor headless Olaf.

30 minutes now. :persevere:

I’ve seen people on chat are having trouble too. It seems like the whole system has crashed.

Only got one reservation confirmed for my May 4-10 stay. It’s 48 mins into the process and can’t confirm any FPP times or days!

Try again, I’m in now.

Edited: Successfully booked a Slinky FP on 10 May (which I’m cancelling now).

Sorry to hear everyone is dealing with the crappy IT issues again this morning. As much as it hurts, try calling directly and be patient thru the eternal hold. The CM should be able to book everything for you. This happened to me last September and the CM was awesome. I missed getting a few times I wanted (but there’s always modify) and couldn’t get SDD but, he did offer an anytime FP for all the issues.
It’s so frustrating that they make us book like this but can’t keep their systems running during the rush hours!! Sending pixie dust to y’all!

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Although I started FPP reserving at 4am PT, finally got things to start working through the app at 4:55 PT. All’s well I got the times I wanted and all confirmed!

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Looks like a lot of liners were having serious issues this morning. Tuesday’s seem to be the worst day for FPP booking and Disney’s systems deciding crash at the same time. Glad you were able to secure everything you wanted!


After about an hour I was able to book also. Whew. The frustrating part was that many attractions appeared to be sold out, but when the system finally started working those attractions were available. SDD was available at 60+2 for afternoon times. Plenty of availability for FoP and others.

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