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My multigenerational, multi-family party is sharing a 2 bedroom villa at Saratoga Springs Dec. 16-23. While I have been the primary planner, I want the grownups to be able to make plans (reserve Genie+, Mobile Order, go back and rest) as their needs deem fit. [We also have park hopper tickets.] Should each family have it’s own My Disney Experience account? Would they all just link to the same reservation. I don’t mind doing the planning, but I want to ensure we have flexibility when needed. Thanks!

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I have always had each adult have their own account unless they wanted zero involvement in using the App. Friends & Family makes it easy to link everyone together and plan together.

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Linking other accounts to a primary account works well. Well, typically.

Splitting an existing primary account into smaller accounts is simply asking for trouble.

FYI: Rumor is that Genie+ in WDW will switch soon to per-park pricing. So if you want to use G+ at two parks, it’ll potentially be 2 separate purchases.

No word yet on prices.

I don’t expect prices to drop, at least at MK and HS. For one thing, a price drop would essentially be a discount to guests who only visit one park per day. And there’s already enough demand at the popular rides. A price drop would only make that worse.

I’ve heard (but not seen) that the MK price will be the same as “all four parks”, which would encourage you to go somewhere else after the MK. That’s another way of shifting demand.

I’d expect lower prices at AK and EP, in part to encourage people to go to those parks. Also, as we’ve shown with ETPE, there’s really no need for G+ for resort guests using ETPE at AK. So this per-park strategy allows them to reprice the value proposition.

I still expect per-park prices to fluctuate every day.

I’ve not seen how IT will implement all of this. I’d expect that any sort of change/refund will require you to visit Guest Relations, since I doubt that will be built into MDE.


This sounds terrible for park hopping :sob:


I would hope that if you have a park hopper, you could buy a park hopper version in one transaction. Maybe the prices could be something like this:
MK - $XX
HS - $XX
AK - $XX - Y
EP - $XX - Y
Park Hopper - $XX + Y

Today, for instance, G+ is $21. Maybe MK and HS stay at $21 for a day like today, but AK and EP could go down to $15-18, and a park hopper would be $25.


Hi @len , on chat you said you expected an imminent announcement (today?). Was Tuesday start a joke or do you expect it to be that soon?


insert massive amounts of profanity here


Seriously! We purchase park hopped tickets for December, which we splurged on and now this? :sob:


It starts Tuesday.


Pricing is out for next Tuesday: MK and/or the multiple-park option is $27. DHS is $24, EP is $18, AK is $16.


  • $27 for just the Magic Kingdom
  • $27 for any 2+ parks
  • AK is the cheapest option

What I don’t know is if you have to buy the multi-park option at once. If I buy EP in the morning for $18 and decide to park-hop to AK, will MDE somehow “know” to charge me only $9 more? That seems like a level of sophistication that I don’t think Disney would pay their IT team for. I could be wrong.


That would be the best of both worlds but…… it’s Disney IT. :roll_eyes:

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And they are trying to sell this as improving guest experience. It MAKES IT MORE COMPLICATED!!!


A little math for next Tuesday:

Park Cost Per Experience (no shows) Cost Per Experience (inc shows)
Magic Kingdom $1.35 $1.17
Animal Kingdom $2.29 $1.45
Hollywood Studios $2.66 $1.71
Epcot $2.00 $1.64
Multi-Park $0.60 $0.46

Wrong direction Disney!
So annoying.


The way this is advertised now, the multi-park is only for Hopper tickets… how will this work on MK party days for those of us using party tickets to hop without hoppers? (I assume the HS party is too late to take advantage but maybe not.)

Last year, we went to AK in the morning and MK for MVMCP. I was able to book LL for MK afternoon with party ticket (no hoppers) plus still use LL in the morning at AK. So for this year, same scenario AK/MK, will I have to buy the multi-park (will it even let me with just a party ticket and no hoppers?) or will just AK suffice? Will there be an option to “upgrade” mid-day to a multi-park if I make a mistake?

Wild guess: This is just a way to charge even more for the multi-park G+, and current pricing will be what the cheapest single park G+ days cost.

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Following to see if there is more info.
I assumed I would have to buy Multi, the difference being I do have hopper with my tickets.
But if I won’t need to spend Multi $ then I would prefer to only buy for AK.

My plan was to RD AK, then PH to MK at 2pm, grab wrist bands at 4pm, and enjoy the party after that.

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I think Disney’s official answer is that you cannot book genie+ with a party ticket. @standbyskipper posted this Disney response about the question:

Thanks. So in that question they weren’t going to a park earlier so didn’t have a “regular” ticket to use to purchase G+ at all. I wonder if my AK ticket will allow the multi day option or if that only activates with PH. Would also be interested if I could buy for MK if I have a ticket but an APR for AK. (Waste of money for 4-6pm only use but mentioning as a way to test.)