My Disney Experience being glitchy

Booking Fast Passes
The app is not letting me modify, show 2 people on phone app, but 7 people on iPad app! I have 7 in party. Also when you go to ck it is only showing up to mid April and that’s not right we are going May 20. Staying in WDW. Thanks

have you tried using chrome or firefox?

It’s permanently glitchy. I agree with trying the website, try private/incognito mode or clearing all cookies before you start.


Although I also think you’re a day early, that’s why it’s only showing you 30 days. It’s 60 days before, not 2 calendar months. By my calculations that’s tomorrow at 7am EST.

It let me book them! And they are still there, but I can’t modify

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It’s been letting people book up to 2 weeks early recently, but not everybody.

Thank you! I’m guessing I can modify tomorrow?

I’m not sure, I would think so.

It’s what spawned the word “glitchtastic.”