My Disney Experience App

We just got back from a trip to WDW in May 2014 and the My Disney Experience app worked fine on my smartphone. I had to reset my phone and reload all apps. Now the app is
saying it is not compatible with my device. Is anyone else having any issues with the app?

There was a update a couple months ago i have an older phone and its says not compatible also.

Works on my IPhone 5 w IOS 8

If its an Apple phone are you sure its up to the latest IOS patch??

It’s not a IPhone it’s an Samsung.

Really strange… uninstall the MDE AP and reinstall it again and double check your Android OS is up to date also.

Did you have an operating system update as well? I had a droid update not too long ago. Since then I have messages that I have no “apps to open” and some of my short cuts are there but the apps have disappeared.

I checked and I have all the latest updates. So strange.

I have an old version of MDE on my old Android phone. If I were to reset my phone, I’m not sure Disney would let me download the old version again and the new one won’t run on my phone. I fear I may end up in the same boat as you if I had to do a reset.