My Disney Experience app - removing someone from Friends & Family

Hey guys,
I have someone under my account that I used to go to WDW with… but unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll ever go again together. I would like to take them off my list, but it keeps saying “Cannot remove this guest” … because they still have active plans. I de-activated their magic bands and card, but that still didn’t solve my problem.
Has anyone else run into this? How did you fix it?
I just need my account to be clean and tidy!

I got it done by calling (407) 939-4357 and it took about 15-30 minutes for them to do.


I had to do the same.


Thanks guys! I’ll have to do it after work then. Was hoping I could do it online here at my desk, but I can call tonight.

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Just on a whim, I tried the Help Chat on Disney’s website as opposed to calling. That help-chat person was amazing! She fixed it in less than a minute! Magic…

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That is awesome! Thanks for sharing–so helpful.

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