My Disney Experience App gone haywire

Has anyone recently had app problems booking dining or FPP? Last night I tried to book a dinner reservation for Oct. 31st and it was telling me that I had a conflict with another reservation at another restaurant. After pulling the rest of my hair out, I realized the app had directed me to a setting for the day of Monday, Oct 31st, 2017 instead of Tuesday. Go figure.

I’ve been having problems with the app recently, and the website wasn’t behaving a few hours ago either. Disney bookings have been super glitchy for dining for me the past few weeks.

I had the same issue with my app last week (took me waaay too long to figure out what the problem was!). I switched to the website and was able to make my ADRs there without encountering that problem.

Website seems to be down right now.

Someone at Disney is getting paid some overtime, I think. DCL is down, as well, so whatever the problem is, it’s across the company.

I wonder how they’re faring in the parks. People wouldn’t be able to make their supplemental FPPs, if the app is down.