My Disney Experience and DW website having issues

Since yesterday, I have not been able to make any dining reservation or look at my reservations. Anyone else running into those issues?

I was last week. I had to clear my browsing history and that fixed it.

I have been having all kinds of issues too. Can’t pay for my photopass. Can’t make reservations. I tried clearing my cookies, but that didn’t work. Yesterday on chat, a disney person said they were doing “magical enhancements” but I’m not impressed.

Thanks. I was having the same kind of problems. I will wait and see. I just wanted to be sure I was not the only one.

I have yet to do that, so it is my next step today.

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I had issues modifying one of my reservations but not the other. I ended up having to call from Australia, so at 11pm my time, and then spent 45 minutes on hold :frowning:

dining reservations have been a bit glitchy too.

I had some issues last week, but found that the APP on my phone just worked. I hate the interface for the APP, but was able to manage. I’ll have to clear my cache and cookies to see if the web browser gets any better.