My DHS Dilemma

The only thing we want to see in DHS is B&TB. As we will be staying late at MK the night prior our DHS day will start at 10:00. Our plan is to attend the 11:00 B&TB and spend the rest of the day @ Epcot. What is the chance of getting SDFP for Epcot rides; i.e.TT; ME; once we sign into B&TB.

Couldn’t you just make all your advance FP’s for Epcot? You won’t need one for B&TB.


That was what I was hoping to hear but everytime I check using Lines all the FPs are done (distributed) for B&TB. This is a must do for DGD8 :frowning:

You won’t need an FP and you have 3 things going for you:

  • It’s a big theater, plenty of space
  • You’re going to the first show of the day
  • You’re arriving at the park at 10am; plenty early for the 11am show (although I’m not sure what time they start letting people into the theater)

Thank you very much!

Agreed! Book your FPP for Epcot. You won’t need one for B&TB. Just arrive early (30 min should be plenty). I suggest bringing a snack & drinks to enjoy while you wait. It’s all outdoor, so it can get pretty warm.


Rethinking of going to the 5:00 B&TB; spending the earlier part of the day at Epcot. Do you think we would need a fast pass for the 5:00 B&TB on Thursday; Sept 27th.

We’ve never needed a fastpass for BatB at any time. I think if you are there a half hour before the show starts you will probably be fine. Of course SWGE crowds may make a liar out of me!

If that is still the case, you might as well go ahead and get a SDFP.
With the change of the FP tiers at DHS, a lot of people now have to ‘burn off’ their FP’s on shows; so don’t be surprised by the limited availability of a FP for B&TB. If that’s the case, just show up earlier for the show and you’ll be fine. Again: big theater with plenty of space for Standby.