My DH asked me for liner help

My husband went to South Africa this year and has been enthusiastic about learning to speak Zulu. He is taking lessons multiple times a week through the internet with a woman from South Africa who speaks fluent Zulu.

We arrive at Walt Disney World the day after Labor Day.

What help can you give?

If anyone thinks of it while in Animal Kingdom or AKL ask around if any of the cast speaks Zulu. He is eager to have someone to talk with. And he knows the power of Liners. Now I understand it does not guarantee him finding the person you find, but one can hope.

If anyone can help I would appreciate it. It would help make the trip for him.


I will be there on Saturday and Sunday and I will ask!

So will I. Do I here Liner meet :grin:

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And yes @Jedilogray I will ask.

I messed up- next weekend I will be there! I will try to find you then?

We are at AKL until Labor Day so Yes!!!

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Thanks. I appreciate the help.