My check-in is 5/13, but TP says book FP starting 5/14

I setup my dashboard and Touring Plan on the site, and my trip is 5/13-5/22, but on this site it says “Book FP as early as March 14th”. But if I was checking in on 5/13, what if I were to go to a park that afternoon. Shouldn’t the TP site say book as early as March 13th?

Confused a bit, unless my math is really wrong.

3/14 Looks like touring plans is correct?

March has 31 days, April 30. March 13 is 61 days before May 13.

March 14 is correct.

It’s 60 days (not two months). TP is correct as there are 31 days in March.

Sorry guys, I failed at math. Thanks :slight_smile:


As I often do.

Don’t feel bad 5 out of 4 people can’t do math.


I was confused too! Then counted the days and realized the 14th (today) was correct.

Of course I’m that person who has a TA that does the initial FP for me, then I go in and modify as we change plans. I found on our last trip at about 30 days out I was able to modify and get everything I wanted. And then we still modified onsite! (Except AK, we stuck to our plans there)

But yeah, I thought it was yesterday at first too!!