My “Can I? Should I?” dining question

My dining window just opened (using a leading reservation, thanks to the advice here :blush:) I got Boathouse reservations for my first day!

Tomorrow I want to book BOG. My first question is, will it be possible? I’ve got park reservations that day for DAK, but I’ve also got tickets to Very Merriest that evening. Would Disney allow me to make the reservation without a park reservation to MK since I do in actuality have admission to the park for that day?

Will BOG be taking reservations for that late in the evening? I’m going to try and get reservations for 7 since that’s the earliest I could enter the park, but if the last availability is at 6 PM, would Disney let me in an hour early to make my reservation?

Finally, I know BOG has declined in quality over the years, and the price for the after party is steep. Of my family I’m the only one who has experienced the restaurant and I know my wife and parents would love it (my 9 year old will love it too, but he’s too cool to express excitement about such things lol). So my instinct is to say “this is what we want to do, so who cares if it’s not the most valuable use of our time in this exorbitant event,” but would we be that much better off having dinner in DAK and making the most of our time in the Kingdom?

You do not need a park res to make an ADR so you’re fine.

However it is possible there will not be dining reservations during the event. They’re aren’t for example Carthay Circle dinners past 6pm the day I’m going to Oogie Boogie which begins at 6pm. I would not bet on getting in early without a hopper.

Imho the food quality has gone down measurably since it first opened. But if what you’re looking for is the experience then yes it’s still amazingly designed and Beast walks by many times. Just don’t expect the food to be superb or worth the price you pay and you’ll be fine.

If you want high quality food, Tiffins is a better choice in AK but if you want something the 9yo will love BOG.


If you have a leading reservation why can’t you book BOG today?


My guess is reservations won’t ve available late enough for you to get in on a party ticket and no they won’t let you in early for a reservation. I echo @jennyturin that you aren’t missing much if you don’t go. For the price of the party tickets I would want to maximize my time too. I’d eat in AK or maybe a MK area resort first.

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I wasn’t able to find a reservation that started 10 days early, because I made the reservation very last minute. I shifted the date back a day and there was one room available. So my lead is 9 days instead of 10 :grimacing:

I would maximize my party time, especially since the party tickets are so $$$$$$$.

Instead of a TS at AK, maybe a TS at an MK area resort? 'Ohana, Kona Cafe, Citricos, Narcoosee’s, Grand Floridian Cafe, or Whispering Canyon Cafe? There is also CG and the new Steakhouse '71.


Yeah, I think I’ll look and see if they have a 6:45 reservation tomorrow. If not I’ll probably do just that. Maybe I can get us in to Steakhouse 71!

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I’ve never dined at a MK resort. This might be the way to go!


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Ok then you must do this. Preferably at GF or Poly so you can take a boat across the lagoon to MK. It’s so magical!