My BG Experience (short more to come)

Got BG 20. My status back my status back etc. Line for SDD RD was enormous, past Chinese theater gates.

We RD TSM (in line now) and it’s moving. SDD is likely a 3 hour wait for RD.

Back to BG20, don’t even have permission yet from my wife to do it. Got all the adults in the BG, goofed and didn’t add DD5 who is y’all enough but never seen a movie. MY try to have DD5 use MIL magic band.


@Jmarkey86 If you go to guest services, they might be willing to add her to your BG when you explain the goof.

Grab her a BBG first if you still can

Congrats and enjoy!

Congrats on BG20! I’m hoping for luck like that when I go in March. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: