My AP (Legacy) expires tonight... do I renew? Does legacy matter?

My AP (Legacy) expires tonight… do I renew? Does legacy matter?

I know it’s late, but I’m hoping there are a few people online on this forum that might know the angst that I’m going through about this decision.

My DH and I got an AP as an upgrade to the tickets we bought in 2019 (long trip - 50th birthday celebration). We got to use them, saved money buying things at the park, etc. It seemed really cool, fun, and I live having one, even though we live in VA near DC.

I understand that the newer versions of AP would be what we would be getting if we renew. There’s also talk about not being able to get an AP (not on sale at the moment) unless I renew, until they reopen the ability to buy.

Maybe I only renew one pass, so it’s not such a gut punch of an annual pass? We may get to go once or twice this year, but we really love to save money when shopping in the stores.

Maybe I’m being silly, and since money is tight at the moment, I should just let it go. :cry:

If you think you will go 2x a year I would renew- if possible. I don’t think there is any guarantee that they will be offered for sale again- at least not until Disney leadership feels that “there is something in it for them”.

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I would absolutely renew while you can bc who knows what the future of APs is with them suspending sales not long after finally offering them again. If you knew there was no way you’d go this year then I wouldn’t, but even 1 trip I’d keep it just to have it for the future when you can go again.

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I don’t know what a legacy pass is, but my AP is coming up for renewal soon and I’m trying to decide on what pass to choose since it will be the ‘new’ AP. I agree w/ @PrincipalTinker and @LTinNC82 about renewal if you think you will be using it.


One other thought… if money is tight… I always consider money too… can you get a lesser AP? That’s what I am trying to decide right now. What’s the least amount of money I can spend on an AP and still be happy and go as much as I want? I do live in FL and might have more choices. I will be asking them if I’ll be allowed to upgrade at a later date.

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Mine expired 2/11. We just returned from an 8-day trip and I cancelled the tentative trip I had scheduled in April (well Frontier helped by cancelling our flights for us!). After a lot of thought I bought myself a 5-day base pass for my next potential trip in September which is before my daughters’ APs expire, in case ticket prices go up soon. It cost 1/3 the amount of renewing. I don’t see going more than once in the next year. Actually I’d like my next trip after September to be to DLR, and after that I may wait to return to WDW until free dining is back. So won’t want AP for that anyway. The benefits of AP are getting to be less and less. If Memory Maker was still included in AP that may have tipped the scales in favor of keeping mine. I won’t pay separately for it but liked having it as a benefit. Resort AP discounts are too rare and not as good as they used to be. Free parking at the parks does me no good if I have to pay to park at the resort anyway. I’m ready for a break from frequent trips to WDW and looking into other vacations I’ve been postponing due to the pandemic. Maybe the kinks will get worked out of Genie+ and Disney will figure out that guests matter again in the meantime.

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You are all so kind to reply, thank you.

I talked to a rep, last night via chat, and she said that I actually had (29) days from expiration to renew online (aka - must decide by March 14th). On the 30th day, the only way I could renew was in the parks at the front gate or customer service/guest relations desk. After that, there was no renewals.

Also, I have to choose one of the pass levels. As I’m out of state, the Incred-i-pass (highest level) is my only choice. They are giving a brief discount for a renewal (it’s maybe $100-ish dollars).

I may just renew one… I may just let it go. I’m so torn right now.

I wish my Son would log off his computer, go get ANY job, and then I would feel better about all of this. But I can only control my own actions, and I have PLENTY to do.

I would go back to Disney today, it’s like that for me, but my husband is kinda wishy-washy at this point. He loves it, follows the blogs and the IG posts, but he’s ready to go elsewhere.

He has a point. I still have pixie dust in my eyes, ears, and everywhere else… lol.


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