My Animal Kingdom all the day long with 12 DIsney lovers touring plan
CL 7, Early Morning hour at 8am. July 22 Here is my Animal Kingdom all day plan if anyone would like to offer suggestions I might have missed. We do have an ADR at Tusker House at 4p. I try to make most of our ADR’s at the restaurant opening so we won’t have to wait as long. It looks like we zig-zag a lot but that was to make better use of our Fast Passes. Please let me know if there is a better way. I am so tired of working on this.

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I see you have RS indicated on FOP, but not on EE. Since those rides have the same height requirement will you be utilizing RS on EE as well?

We used RS heavily in conjunction with FP on our trip this past February and it worked really well. For example, in Pandora, you could set up half of your party (say, mom, riding child) with a FP for FOP and the other half (say dad, non-riding child) with a FP for Na’Vi River. And Dad and riding child could ride FOP with a RS. With that strategy, you could avoid hiking from Africa to Pandora at EMH and save your FPs for the time in which you want to do evening touring in Pandora.

You can also do this with KRR and EE or Dinosaur and Primeval Whirl.

Then, you could potentially free up a FP to use for KS and schedule it for later in the afternoon when you’re over there for TH and hopefully minimize some of your walking.

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I am not sure how I got RS in there, I will correct. I was going to try some stuff but since there are 12 of us it started to get complicated.

Oh, sorry I missed that large group size! I can understand why that is stressful. Are y’all going to be touring all together? Does everyone want to Meet Mickey, ride EE, etc? How important is it to you for your group to remain together the whole day?

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I am planning like we are going to be all together for the FPs, EE etc. I also try to give options for tired parents to take kids back to resort or skip some activities in the morning but all of our DDP meals will be together. The rest of the family won’t do anything in advance, They would just show up. We are doing quite a few character meals because the buffets are easiest for this group so I believe they will see enough characters. There are 2 five year olds that would want more character interactions but that’s why I used 2 of our dining credits for CInderella’s table in MK.

ill take zig zagging over standing in line any day


Ok I’m sorry I hadn’t read your initial post until just now. I am so very sorry for the loss of your son. What a wonderful way for your family to spend a magical week together, remembering him.

I think I still like the idea of y’all moving Pandora FPs to the evening. How late is the park open? Is the 9:00 ROL show the only one or is there an earlier one? If so, maybe you could flip flop and catch the early ROL, TOA, then FP FOP and hop in line for Na’Vi right at close.

I think also that since KS is such a long ride you should FP it for a time around your TH ADR or around the time y’all want to see FotLK. That would leave EMH wide open. You guys could RD EE (freeing up a FP spot for KS later in the day) and Meeting Mickey and Minnie and then head into Dinoland for those attractions, The Boneyard and Flame Tree for your early lunch and then your pretty close to Nemo to catch the noon show.

That makes sense but I am afraid I am going to lose part of my crowd after our ADR at 4 pm due to fatigue, so I wanted to get in as much as possible. I didn’t see many places where they could cool down and I am not a huge fan of ROL so I won’t be too disappointed if they miss it. Some of them won’t ride EE and I wanted everyone to be able to start the day with a bang. The 9 pm show is the only one scheduled at this time. The itinerary is pretty full and we may give up one of the shows if they are really enjoying Boneyard or the other paths at TOL. I was also hoping after we used up our 3 FP’s by noon we could get a 4th or more in the afternoon. Thank you for all your tips.

I see. That sounds like a wise plan. I haven’t been to AK in July but everything I read says it’s hotter than the surface of the sun during the summer. I think you are smart to plan both Nemo and FotLK as they are both fairly long and inside (AC!).

I’m enjoying watching all of your planning come together. I hope you will take the time for a trip report. Would love to see how everything works out for your family!

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