My ADRs for April

Hi all! We’re going on a Daddy and Mommy alone trip in April for 4 nights to enjoy the booths at the Flower and Garden Festival. I made some ADRs at the 180 day point, but now we’re reading more reviews and starting to rethink them. We have hoppers. I’m trying to make ADRs only at places we haven’t tried yet. I could use your help…

Day 1, Monday: Arriving at the Dolphin probably around 3:30pm. I made an OpenTable reservation for BlueZoo for 7:30pm (so I can cancel within 24 hours if necessary). We’re still on the fence about it. We haven’t eaten there yet, we love seafood, but I haven’t read many reviews and I’m wondering if I should swap for something else? We love unusual and different food. We avoid Italian restaurants in WDW only because we have so many good ones in Philly.

Day 2, Tuesday: Lunch at Morimoto Asia and really looking forward to it. We love sushi, and we haven’t been able to get into Morimoto in Philly yet (darn kids getting in the way). Then for dinner we have a problem. I still haven’t eaten at BOG at all. It just never worked out. I currently have a 7:10pm ADR for BOG, but… now that I’m reading about the Skipper Canteen, I think that sounds like more fun. I like French food, my DH could leave it happily, but he’ll eat it. Neither of us are superfans of Beauty and the Beast, though I like the movie. But the menu and atmosphere at Skipper Canteen is appealing to both of us. But they’re not taking reservations!! What do I do?

Day 3, Wednesday: I had an 8:00am breakfast ADR at the Garden Grill so we could get in before opening at Epcot. But Soarin will probably still be closed, we don’t do Mission Space, and I’m sure I’ll get a FP+ for TestTrack. We decided that a little extra time to sleep trumped getting in before rope drop. I changed it to 9:05am, because we still want to try Garden Grill since we haven’t been in there yet. Is it good, worth the $$?
For lunch and dinner, we’re planning on noshing our way around the World Showcase. For those who have done the food booths at the Flower and Garden Festival, will we find enough variety for 2 meals that day? Or should I make a dinner ADR? If so, Hacienda or Spice Road Table? We enjoy both cuisines, but haven’t tried either one yet.

Day 4, Thur: I have no ADR for lunch, we’ll find something to eat wherever we end up that day. For dinner I had a reservation at Paradiso 37, since we like all kinds of Latin food, but when I looked at the menu, it seemed kind of boring. Enchiladas, burgers, flank steak, burritos. We can get that stuff at home. So I canceled that and made a 4:30pm ADR for the Boathouse. We’re hoping to get into Jock Lindsey’s later that evening for drinks.

Day 5, Fri: Flight home in the morning.

What do you think?

I am dropping a BOG lunch reservation in favor of trying out Skipper’s Canteen, but I am keeping my BOG dinner. One thing you might consider is swapping your Morimoto ADR with your Boathouse ADR and doing Skipper’s for lunch on Day 2 since you’re already planning to be at MK later. I have a Boathouse ADR that I am debating whether to keep. I like the sounds of it, but I feel that the menu is somewhat generic and pretty standard for a higher end chain.

Also, you should have no issue getting into Jock Lindsey’s if you don’t mind sitting outside. The inside is tiny, but lots of outside tables. We got one right away just a few days after it opened.

Last, I am doing exactly what you are with Garden Grill and then snacking at F&G booths. But to be honest, I wouldn’t do it if my kids weren’t with me. Instead, I’d save the time and money and get breakfast at the quick service in France. As for whether it’s good, I have not yet tried the breakfast, but we have loved dinner there.

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This is exactly the kind of feedback I’m looking for, thanks @Iheartepcot. You gave me a lot to think about, I’m going to show this to DH. I kept the Garden Grill because DH always likes one relaxed table service breakfast on every trip, and I like to indulge him to make me feel better about dragging him to all my favorites! (though, he never really seems to mind)

Glad you told me how easy it was to get a table for Jock Lindsey’s, that will be fun. We’ll look at the Boathouse menu again and give it some more thought, that was an interesting idea you had. Thanks! Anyone have recent experience with the Boathouse?

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Morimotos is excellent; you won’t be disappointed. Blue Zoo gets excellent reviews; its on my list for a future trip. Did BOG for lunch; pretty location but the food was only OK. The menu at Skippers looks much more interesting.

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I will admit that I have only eaten at the bar at BlueZoo since it is my favorite bar in the world. BlueZoo is amazing! If you like seafood I would keep it!

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All right, I know we’re keeping BlueZoo now and Morimoto’s, and my DH told me again yesterday that the two he’s really looking forward to are the Boathouse and Garden Grill for breakfast, so those are locked in. I’m still on the fence about our BOG dinner. I love French food, but if I’m going for the French food, maybe we should do M. Paul instead? I know, I know, the atmosphere is amazing, but I’ve seen ALL the pictures and I liked the movie, but not swooning over it. I’m still wondering if we should try to get into the Skipper Cantina or even try Trader Sam’s instead. :anguished: I’m SO overthinking this!!

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Comparing BOG “French Food” to the outstanding food at Monsieur Paul is like comparing Pizza Planet to Via Napoli. NO comparison. Based on food alone, Monsieur Paul may well be the best restaurant in WDW outside of V&A. If you just want to see the BOG restaurant, go for lunch; Cheaper (unremarkable) food, but beautiful setting. Trader’s has great atmosphere (if you are sitting inside - outside is a very pretty patio, but to me, not remarkable) and great drinks. It has a “bar menu” of small plates that are good, but not great (based on the few that I have tried); probably wouldn’t go for a “meal”. Skipper’s is on my “must do” list for next trip.


we had BOG lunch and thought it was just ok. If I didn’t have kids I would skip it

Thank you so much for your input, this is exactly what I needed. We’re going to cancel BOG (after all this time, I think I’m over it) and leave space for the Skipper Canteen. If they open ADRs, great, if not, we’d be willing to wait for a table. Thanks everybody! :heart_eyes: