My 60 FPP has not opened - please help!

I am in MDE, on cmputer and app. Only see next 30 days. everything is linked. staying at CBR. is there sometimes a delay? panicking. i am at 60 days.

When I did our FFP on 60 day it didn’t open up till 1 am. Just keep trying. Sorry I know it’s frustrating. I was able to get all our passes even A&E and 7d.

ok thanks! i hope so. trying not to hyperventilate. (deep breaths). a&e is a priority here too.

it opened up around 1:15. got all i wanted, but had to go out 7 days to get a&e and FoF. also got 7dmt on day 4 (day 2 had times we were not going to be there). i will need to re-tweak the PTP based on some of the times, but too tired to do tonight. all in all went ok.


I’m glad you got what you wanted, and I hope you’re asleep now!