My 4 Park Day Plan! Critique Please

Monday, October 23, 2023

We are staying at GFV and renting a car. We have not driven in WDW ever and are trying to factor in possible wrong/missed turns etc. When I asked DH what would be the best way to spend our anniversary, I said “four parks one day!” and he did not say that.

My goal is one ride, one photopass photo, and one snack or drink (or both) per park!

I trust no one more than liners in helping me achieve this.

Park hours:
MK 9 am -11 pm
EP 8:30 am - 9 pm (extended evening hours until 11 pm)
HS 8:30 am - 9 pm
AK 8 am - 7 pm

7:00 am Book RnRC LL (goal 2 pm), ILL for Tron (goal 8:30 pm), and ILL for GotG (goal 5:30 pm)

8:00 am leave VGF for AKL

8:45 am Boma ADR

10:00 am book LL #2 (EE if needed, otherwise something for MK late like BTMR)

10:15 am Drive to AK (pay for upcharge for preferred parking)

10:45 am Tap into AK. Ride EE, magic shot with Hei Hei or with Chip & Dale in dinosaur costumes, and I think I’m counting Boma as our snack/drink (I asked DH if this is legit and he said I’m making the rules, but actually we are all making the rules)

12:00 pm Book LL #3 (something for MK)

1:15 pm Leave AK and drive to HS

1:55 pm Tap into HS. Ride RnRC, magic shot rainbow on Hollywood blvd, Baseline Taphouse if time?

4:00 pm leave HS, drive to VGF. Pit stop in room then monorail to EP

5:15 pm Tap into EP. GotG, magic shot balloons by SE, Fry Basket for snack & drink, visit Push the trash can time permitting

7:30 pm monorail to MK

8:00 pm Tap into MK. Tron, HEA??? maybe watch from BTMR. Photo unclear but most magic shots probably over by this time. Snack TBD.

10:15?? Watch EWP from boat docks at MK or on the walkway to GF

The end.

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You will probably have to walk the RnR LL a bit but modify shouldn’t be a problem. Just grab the first one you get at 7am and keep an eye on new LL windows to mod to.

You wont be able to book your second LL till 10:30. So my advice would be to book your second LL as EE @ 10:30. You should get a pretty close return time. Might not be till 11am. Get your magic shot first. So next LL booking should come up around 11:30ish instead of 12. Not a huge difference but a stratagy none the less. I could see you easily doing 2 rides/attractions per park, 1 pic, 1 snack meal in each park!
Get ambitious :wink:

Potential LL ride plan: (depart means getting in car)
AK- 11 am EE, 11:25 Magic Shot, 11:50 KS Boma counts-
1:15 depart for HS tap in at 1:55.
LL RnR 2:10,
Magic Shot, ST, Baseline Tap 3:30-
4:30 depart for for Epcot tap at 5:20. LL TT for 5:30, ILL GotG 6:00, Push the can, Frys and drink, magic shot, depart 7:15 for parking at GF. Tap into MK at 8:15. Catch the back end of HEA at entrance go through gift shop to get to Caseys for Corn dog nugs and drink. Magic shot, BTMR LL for 9:20. Tap into Tron ILL before 10pm.

LL/ ILL Strategy:
Tron ILL RIGHT at 7:00:00, followed by GotG, followed by KS LL for aprox 11:45 ride (modify with no penalty).
10am get RnR for around 2pm,
Noon get ST LL for about 1:45pm,
At 2:47 get TT at a drop,
4:50 get BTMR LL for about 9pm.

:smile: this could totally go sideways but go big or go home right :smiley:

So, with the new rules, do you have to buy genie + four times for all parks or is there a one price for all option?

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There is an all park option and so far it’s always been the price of MK (most often $25)!


Ahh you are right! I forgot that early entry is not park open. Thank you!

Haha this is the kind of smart I’m looking for!

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Great! I would certainly hope that was the case.

I imagine you aren’t constrained by park reservations on what you can book and when you can book it, right?

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As long as you have the park hopper G+, you can book anywhere. But that also means you have to get the RRC LL to be past 2pm before AK park open. Or else it will push back the future LLs (2 hrs after park open or after an LL grab.)


Something about this is off right? BTMR twice?

I’d love to help on the LL/G+ aspect of this trip for you @BlastThatPeterPan! I know most about that :smiley:


Oh yep! Forgot to change. Edited now. Was supposed to be ST @ HS? I made this plan over the course of an hour and had to keep coming back to it :rofl:


Haha I love it. I’m going to leave the plan as one ride, because:

  1. DH is amazing and cooperative but would love to not rush around
  2. It’s kind of a personal challenge for me to try and just enjoy each park. I’m typically super ride oriented, but having an AP this year is helping me smell the pretzels or whatever :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
  3. Related to 2, I don’t want to be in MDE/BG1 constantly. It’s an additional challenge for me to not be on my phone

Same! I’ve never attempted a 4 park 1 day. I stick to 1 or 2. My last trip was supposed to be more relaxing, lol. DH said next trip in December he’s taking naps with DGS (2)!


Totally get point 3. I personally think there is a lot of potentially to use G+ in a way to maximize points 1+2, where you can enjoy the park and not rush around, but still get to do a second ride. But obviously do as you want with your trip!! Let me know if I can be of any help :slight_smile:


I like this!


It’s a balance, right? It may have to be a day of decision thing but I could always work out a plan A with extra attractions in plan B. It’s not like I shy away from planning :rofl:


Absolutely a balance! So many things can potentially happen that ultimately it’s a game time decision. I’d rather be over prepared though :sweat_smile:

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I’m real bummed the Spring Roll cart seems to be a daytime thing. I got to get over there another day. That would have been my snack choice for sure.

Alright, I’ve made some tweaks and here’s my ILL/LL plan as of today:

7:00 Tron ILL (goal 8:00 pm), GOTG ILL (goal 5:30 pm), book LL for RnRC with plan to modify to later as needed

10:30 Book EE, after tapping in book ToT if available for anytime between 2-3:45 pm); backup plan book Dinosaur (likely immediate) and check again, also watch BTMR times for a 9:00 pm

12:30 modify RnRC and BTMR as needed. Watch for ToT at drop times in afternoon if unable to get earlier. Maybe book SM for after 8:00 pm. After this everything’s gravy, just do our ILLs for GoTG and Tron!

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