My 180 days for ADR's is Tuesday, June 2nd! Argh!

I freaked out a little bit when I saw that ADR’s are closed for now. What does that mean? Even if I’m about to hit my 180 day window?! Nooooooo!!! I have all my spreadsheets filled in and am ready to get my ADR’s. I am trying to stay positive…Luckily, I have the Touringplans reservation finder to help me later on, so I am fairly confident we should be able to get the ones we want, but not necessarily at the times we want. Also, which restaurants will even be open???

I’m guessing they are working out which restaurants and resort hotels will be open, and how to cancel half or more of the resort and dining reservations that have already been made. I am curious to see how it will all go down, and when/if I will be notified that my reservation has been cancelled. I am predicting only Deluxe resorts will be open to limit the number of folks who can afford to go, which will help them weed out which ones to cancel. My after-Thanksgiving reservation is at a Value resort (Sports), which I expect to be closed for a while.

After I made this prediction of the values being closed for a while, I booked 2 rooms at moderates, so I also have a reservation for mid-September (Port Orleans Riverside), and one for early November (Caribbean Beach). I was not able to get very many ADR’s on these reservations because it was inside the 180 day window when I booked. I have been entertaining myself by searching for ADR’s for these two trips while waiting for my real window to open…now I can’t even do that.

At this point, I am thinking we will probably be cancelling our trip altogether, depending on how the reservation system works. We only come every other year. We drive 36 hours each way to get there, stay 12 nights and do 10 days in the park, we will wait to go when we know we get to do all 10 days in the parks. Also, we will only go if free dining is offered, and I don’t see that happening this year. Unless they REALLY need to fill rooms… At this point, hoping maybe they will offer us free dining to switch our dates to next year.

I feel really lucky that I have these 3 reservations, so I can watch how each is handled…

My ADRs are soon too for our late Nov early Dec trip. I hope they open soon. My big question is why does touring plans have hours on Dec 1st for MK only until 4:30?? What am I missing?

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I am presently sitting on 7 separate resort reservations through the end of the year and will use at most 3. But with so much up in the air I’m also waiting to see what happens. On so many levels, including Disney, school, sports and the virus. But some hard details about how WDW is going to operate would definitely help to narrow it down.

I really hope they don’t just cancel all but deluxe resorts reservations, and I’m not sure Disney would be that blatantly elitist. Hopefully they would just upgrade people as needed. It’s going to be an interesting next few weeks.

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It means that everyone else is in the exact same situation and has no greater advantage over anyone else.

Relax, just pay attention to WDW sites to find out when the ADR re-open and then book it.


There’s another post about this where I explained.

We have been there for a Cast Member event where MK closes at 4:30. They take turns every year for who works and who gets to bring their families based on years of service as a Cast Member. I would assume that is what is happening that day. It’s a fun day to be at MK, because they make a red carpet and it’s all fancy to honor those with higher years of service.