MVT vs Renting Points

Apologies if this is addressed in Forum already! Can anyone tell me how the MVT exclusives stack up to renting DVC points? Is one usually a better savings than the other?

I think it depends. You can get a quote from an MVT agent and use a calculator in a DVC rental site to compare. Of course the room types are different.

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What you’re looking for will also be a huge factor. I don’t believe MVT offers deals on 1/2 bedrooms or studios so if that’s a need for you, renting points may be the best option by far. If you just need a conventional room though, MVT offers some great deals if your timing fits their offers…

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PrincipaTinker & Damavs are right, it depends, and timing is key. I’ve done both, and both are good ways to get decent resort rates. Still, I’ve found it to be very difficult getting my 1st choice in resorts with both. However in addition to total cost, there are some other significant differences. MVT has a decent cancellation policy. Renting DVC points often times is not refundable. MVT requires a deposit equivalent to one nights stay with final payment 30 days before the trip. DVC payment varies, but can be due in total at the time a reservation is made. DVC renting does not incur tax charges on the cost of the room, nor the newly announced daily resort parking fees. MVT reservations incur both costs. So, be sure to consider all the key differences, not only cost, that are important to you when comparing.

MVT has reported no parking fees at least through 2018 and maybe longer. Convention rates were listed in exclusions to parking fees.

That’s good to know. Looking at a 2019 trip, so hopefully that will still be the case. :slight_smile:

Thanks, @knapp9er! That’s great information. Our trip isn’t until next May, and it’s so hard to wait until the exclusives are announced through MVT! :laughing: I would love to use them because I’ve heard great things, but our dream is to stay in a deluxe resort (family of 5) so we will likely go with the option that saves us the most $$. However, the refund policy is definitely important as well. Decisions, decisions!

Thanks, @ PT. Our trip is next May, and the exclusives haven’t been released yet. The prices on the calculator for a room that can accommodate 5 (2A, 3C) make it look very tempting!

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Then that will probably be my answer, @Damavs . We want to stay deluxe, but have 5 people in our party. Renting points may be the way to go.

As an FYI, you can fit 5 in many deluxe rooms if you’re willing to go with with 2 to a queen bed plus one on a daybed. I know GF & the Poly have rooms like that and I believe others do too. Would be a tight fit, but depending on ages etc. it may be worth investigating…