MVT Talk?

Just curious why this is the only forum I have found that talks about MVT? I get why Disboards do not allow it but I haven’t seen it on any of the others. Seems like more people would know about the deals they offer. Obviously Touring Plans and MVT have a great relationship and I’m good with that because I enjoy my relationship with both as well! lol

I think a lot of boards have relationships with travel agencies, or others- like Kenny the Pirate, are travel agents.

Ah that makes sense, Thanks!

Technically I think Touring Plans are a travel agent too!

If I am remembering correctly, that was one of the criteria they agreed to with Disney to be allowed to keep their reservation finder tool running. I read an article or post somewhere from @Len.

But yes, I agree. Different boards will have different criteria to allow links and so-on. Sometimes it may be a history between owners, or one site refusing to cite sources etc.

Sometimes I believe it’s also to do with a request from a company to not allow links so that they don’t bypass search engines or something? So that people have to search for them, and their search ratings rise etc.

Now that you mention it I do believe that had to be registered but I think it is a big difference between doing that and actually having a financial interest in a company. I know a number of online Disney communities ban you from mentioning other companies. I believe Be Our Guest has it in the rules. I know Len worked with a company for an event last year but that did not stop TP from writing a blog post that mentioned MVT. I know a lot of TAs on chat have had issues with so many liners talking about MVT. Agents can answer questions without identifying themselves- it must be hard.

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The site’s goal is to be neutral like Switzerland regarding third party companies. That’s part of the reason why there’s a subscription to use the tools - we don’t make money off ads, referrals, or affiliate links.

This seems to work well. I like to think we have good relationships with many travel agencies, who understand we’re strongly focused on consumer advice. And since much of that advice comes from reader surveys, there’s no ‘spin’ on it.


And it shows! I’ve learned so much more on this site because of it.