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I’m trying an experiment today. A big thing in this time of COVID-19 is to provide some extra support to your independent local businesses. Well, MVT isn’t exactly local, but I figure between all the cancellations costing them commission revenue and the re-re-re-bookings for the folk not cancelling, their revenue is certainly down and effort per dollar of revenue keep way up!

I just mailed two checks to my agent, one to her personally, and one to MVT proper. I’m not asking permission up front (it would be awkward), so going down the “beg forgiveness” route instead. There are dozens of ways this might not work, but hoping that even if the exactly way I chose doesn’t work initially, it will with some tweaking after my agent gets the letter.

MVT has saved me hundreds on just the few trips since I started using them, and probably thousands for others that use them a lot more than me. Seems only reasonable to support them back a bit extra right now when things are likely pretty tough for them.

I doubt my plan will fully work on the first attempt. I can see things like policies against gifts from customers, our agents understandably using aliases, or even MVT not knowing how to deposit a check not related to a reservation. I’ll report back once the process settles in case others might want to consider something similar. I figure a week or so for the letter to get there and get whatever reaction back.


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I’ve been retweeting my TA and their company and recommending them as much as possible. I’ve also been educating ppl about TAs in general. So many ppl still don’t realize how TAs operate and that you are paying for them even if you don’t use them.

I sent my MVT TA a Starbuck’s gift card at the start of this thing (before all the Starbuck’s closed). She seemed happy with the gesture. I know she lost a lot during this time and it was a little something I could do. My TA is Brandi, she’s awesome and a Liner and in the ‘official’ guidebook if anyone is looking for someone to work with!

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Not sure what you mean by “you are paying for them even if you don’t use them”? It is commission only, right? you only pay if you book and go, right? Re-re-re-re-bookings still only net one commission.



Good to know a gift card was acceptable. That bodes well for my plan then!


Disney pays them their commission, not you. So Disney inflates their prices to cover for that in their operating costs. So yes, you do pay for them even if you don’t use them.

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I mean, for the general public, they don’t understand that you pay the same for your stay if you book through MDE yourself or let a TA help. I’m not talking about multiple bookings. :grinning:

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My understanding was that they still get commission if the park was closed for your trip, thus not even allowing for the opportunity to go. Maybe @OBNurseNH can let me know if this is correct or not

I was told they got the commission if it was a package, but not for room only

I think it depends upon who cancelled. If traveler cancels there is no commission.

Either way I sent my TA an E-gift card a little over a week ago. I have said it before I feel the most for the TA’s. They have lost a majority of their incomes at no fault of their own.

I honestly don’t know specifics because I have no clients traveling now. But I know some commissions have been protected in whole or in part.

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An update. IT WORKED!!! I got a nice email from my travel agent today thanking me for both checks and saying both could be deposited as-is!

Thank you’s to the agents might be a bit more common, but I figure a bit for the agency too since it would be hard for our agents to work if the agency goes bust.

I’ll post something on the chat now that it worked. Clearly this takes more than 255 characters to explain. :slight_smile: With hindsight I guess I should throw out the disclaimer that my only relationship to MVT is being a customer. I think I’ve used them 3 or 4 times.

Anyway, I hope it might inspire a few folk. MVT (the agency and my agent) certainly has been good for me, so feels good to show 'em some love back.