MVT Sunrise breakfast at Pandora

Has anyone done this (or maybe this is first time they have offered it?)

I got email today advertising breakfast for customers of MVT at Satu’li Canteen on Aug 26. Motor coach from resort to park, pick-up at 6 AM then breakfast and ride FOP before park opens. Sounds cool, but 6 AM is really early for vacation, especially when we’re in time zone 1 hr earlier than home. Might wreck the kids for rest of the day!


They did it last year and there were some positive reports. I think the hesitation for many was the hour and it was more expensive then their other events.

This is very interesting. I have a trip booked with MVT in December so I’m curious if they will do anything special during our trip. This is our first trip using MVT and I have been happy with the service so far and absolutely thrilled about the price!

With that said, depending on the price I’d probably do it. The time zone thing is rough though. Maybe you could plan that early morning, a LONG rest mid day since it will be hot then save your 3 FPs for an evening park?