MVT rates going up?

We got a quote from MVT yesterday for next year, the second week of October (Columbus Day is the following week) for POR, POFQ, CSR, WL, BC, BWI, and the Poly. When comparing with the prices on Disney’s website for the same days/same views, the savings through MVT was between 16-19% for all the resorts (excluding Poly, there was no standard view available through Disney to compare to).

Is this the typical savings now for MVT? Or is it because of the time of year? We weren’t expecting the Labor Day rates, buy my mom and sister are staying at POFQ in December and saved 35% off the rack rate through MVT. Compared to that, 16% seems low.

Quick question: did you click all the way through on the Disney site so that tax is included?

Yes, I should’ve specified that. I used Disney’s prices after tax.

The reason I asked because my February POR rate is $254 a night. Disney was $310 but then I realized when I clicked through to payment it went up (3 adults plus tax).

Yeah that’s easy to miss. We were quoted $236 a night (2 adults) for POR/POFQ, Disney is $281 a night for both (with tax).

My family’s paying $182 for POFQ in Dec and Disney’s price was somewhere around $281 a night then, too. Seems like a big difference in MVT rates.

I just got a quote for two rooms for 9 nights at spring break time and the MVT rate was only $132 total per room cheaper than rack rate through Disney at Pop (and less than $300 per room less than Disney for POR). I didn’t expect a great deal b/c it’s spring break but I was hoping for 15%. This is about 8% discount if my calculations are correct. And still more expensive than ASMo.

My MVT rate for end of October was about 31% off rack rates at Wilderness Lodge.

Book now or hope for better Disney or AP rate?

I would book now. You have to pay 1month in advance, but you can cancel and get refunded up to five days in advance with MVT

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Yeah, I think we got about that percentage off for 2018 for POR. Looks like it went up across the board. We paid around $198 per night in May 2018. We also got a savings on the tickets through MVT, so that helped.

Also keep in mind that MVT rates are based upon the depth of the discount WDW gives them on the rooms. If WDW doesn’t give them as steep a discount, then MVT can’t pass that along. So, if the discount isn’t as good it could be: (1) MVT is not passing on as much discount and taking more profit; or (2) WDW is not offering MVT as deep of discounts.

They may well be the case as MVT goes through Disney Convention and business Dept. to get their rates. A while back not many even knew about MVT, me included. Now many do and this may be as forecast for Disney is only going to allow so many discounted rooms and as you can see with their new ticket policy, your discounts are probably going to become less and for fewer dates and times. It was great while it lasted.

Are your rates during one of their exclusive promotion periods? Not all dates are part of the exclusives. We just booked with MVT for Oct31-Nov7 2019 at Pop. 22% off rack rate. Plus the tickets are discounted better than other resellers and you can pay with gift cards. So we went with it for now but I do like their cancellation policy.

Yep, all resorts mentioned are part of the EOCT19 agency exclusive.

Gotcha. Perhaps its because the Disney discounts during that time are very slim. I know I checked this years Disney discounts for early Nov19 t Pop and they are very limited at 10 or 15% and only on weekdays, not weekends. But the rate I got with MVT was 22% off and that included weekends, so I am saving a lot of money plus with the discounted tix. We will wait and see if anything better comes along.