MVT - how long to get confirmations?

I know I’m just anxious because it’s my first time to do business with them, but my agent with MVT told me she was able to book my rooms for me and that I’d receive my confirmations within 24-48 hours. Well, I’m within an hour of the 48 hour mark and have heard nothing and, of course, my credit card was charged right away. Can anyone share you experience? Did it takes days for you to receive your confirmation info?

It has taken a couple of days but once your payment was processed, you are fine.

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It also took a couple of days for mine as well, but Now it is all set up on my disney account. I was able to take the confirmation number and attach it to my disney experience.

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Thank you guys! I got them and am all linked up. Should have just given it a couple more hours.


no worries, I’m always stressed out when I am booking trips. Now you can start counting down!!

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This is good to know, as I am considering using MVT for our next trip. Using a TA has a lot of benefits, but it’s difficult when certain things like this are out of your hands and you have to be [gasp] patient. :open_mouth: Patience is not my strong suit.