MVT Cancellation

Sorry, guys. I know this has been covered before but I can’t remember for sure and I’m not having any luck after a quick search on their website. If I book with MVT and then have to cancel, is the deposit refundable as long as it’s cancelled within their specified time frame?

I have received what I think is a great quote from them, but I want the option of backing out too just in case free dining end up actually being available during our stay. With our situation, even with the MVT good discount, we would still save several hundred dollars if we got free dining.

This was the line that was on the email from the MVT agent I’m working with:

Cancellations: All components of the vacation package, including park tickets and/or dining plan (if applicable), are fully refundable up to 5-days prior to your check-in date. Cancellations within 5-days prior to check-in will result in forfeit of one night’s deposit with tax.

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Thank you! I was searching the fine print on my email trying to find that info!

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I have cancelled a MVT package and received a total refund.

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