MVT agency for one night only?

Hi there- I have a question about the ever-popular MVT agency. My trip dates fall within one of their agency exclusive weeks. Is it completely rude to check with them on rates for only one or two nights for room only? I see so many posts on Chat about the great deals they provide, and I would love to look into it. I’m all about saving a few dollars when it comes to a Disney trip! However, my trip is entirely self-planned using various points, deals, and discounts. If it is not worth it for the agent to book such a small part of my trip, I don’t want to be insulting to them! Does that make sense? I would want to use them for a deluxe resort (where I’ve never stayed and normally would only be able to dream about) so the commission would be more than if they booked me a value or moderate (right??).


I don’t think they’ll mind. In fact they might be able to get the whole time under the agency exclusive even with just one day falling into their category. Good Luck!


My dates didn’t fall into the published schedule, but they still saved me about 30% total on a split Pop/POR stay. Maybe get multiple quotes. I gave them 3 scenarios and Kristin got right back to me.

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I have seen this before, but can’t find it. When do the next years deals usually come out? I am looking at next May