How accurate are the projected Halloween party dates? Right now, the party is expected for Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I’ve got most of my meals, etc. planned and these dates are fine (we were doing Thursday as our 2nd day of MK, but only a partial day). I was counting on watching Wishes on Wednesday night. Is Touring Plans usually pretty accurate with predictions?

10 months out??? TP predictions are based on historical data, but with the way that Disney has been jacking around park hours and show times lately, it’s ANYBODY’S guess as to what will be happening then…

I would guess the projected dates on Touring Plans would line up with the historical days of the week for the party over the past few years. You could try searching the MNSSHP dates for 2016, 2015… and see whether those match up with the Touring Plans projection. Since you never know when Disney might decide to shake things up, you might want to have a backup for your Wishes plan just in case.

I feel your pain. I’m trying to put together our plans for an October trip too, and I’m just basing it on what days were used last year. One would hope that WDW would have the MNSSHP set more than 180 days in advance so that those making ADRs can work around them.