MVMCP wrong tix acquired by travel agent

Help, advice needed please! Travel agent completely ignored what I told her about when we want to go to MVMCP and got us tix for the wrong date. She never emailed me with a confirmation and when my travel info arrived today I noticed it. Of course, her office is closed until Monday and we leave next Saturday. Do you think we can get the tickets changed to the date we originally wanted if not sold out? Thanks in advance.

Yes, Disney will usually let you switch the date if not sold out

If you are nervous about this, try calling WDW reservations today to see what they can do. Otherwise, wait until Monday and have your TA sort it out - that’s what you are paying her for. Despite party tickets sales being “final, non-refundable”, people have had a lot of success changing dates and even getting refunds.

Thanks for the feedback, that makes me feel much better! I’ll wait until Monday and let the TA sort it out. Thanks again!