MVMCP..worth the $$?

Is it crowded to where you can’t enjoy it? I’m traveling with a special needs son who does not do well waiting so we would have to wait for everything it would not be worth the extra expense for us? Any thoughts or advice you want to share with a newbie?? :slight_smile:

I think the crowd level will depend on what party date you pick–they get busier closer to Christmas. We have done it few times in early December and didn’t feel it was so crowded we couldn’t enjoy it. Still there were some long lines for special photo ops and character greetings. The cost has gone up a lot in the last several years since we last attended and now I’m not sure I would do it again given how much it would cost for our family of 5 to attend.

I have asked myself this question as well for MNSSHP. My youngest son (7) also has special needs and lines can be a challenge for him as well. We are hoping to go to the September 30 party and I’m hoping that is early enough in the season to have lighter crowds. I have heard such good things about the parties and the festive environment that I really want to experience one and this year it would be easier to travel during early fall.

@nwhicks, have you ever done the DAS pass with your son? I haven’t done this for ours because I’ve always been able to plan (hours and hours and hours of planning) so that we minimize the waits, allow for breaks, allow for meals, allow for general disgruntlement, etc. We have been mostly successful, but I could see where having a DAS pass during this event might be helpful if it could be used with character lines. I’m not even sure you can get a DAS for the parties. Something I will need to look into! Hang in there! You are not alone!

We used my DAS during the party last Christmas for a character meet.

Did not need it for the rides. In fact, the CMs were so nice and sweet about it! They just gave us a handwritten return ticket.

It was my first day of my FIRST visit ever, and it was just a terrific day!

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We have been to Disney twice and for the first trip I spent hours and hours planning (to minimize wait for my son mainly) but we also got the DAS. Let me say when we returned I barely planned, the DAS was a lifesaver! It’s like having an extra fast pass that is much more flexible. The moment you arrive go to guest relations with your entire party and set it up. It’s there for the rest of your trip for everyone who’s with you so long as the DAS holder is riding the ride. We always go during historically low crowd times and MOST of the time the cast members are so nice they don’t even give us a return time, they let us just go on up the FP line. Of course for the busier rides that doesn’t work. Noise bothers my son too so they let us go in the exit for Aerosmith (he doesn’t mind the sound during the ride, just the lobby noise…go figure lol). But yes, get a DAS! You can even manage it on the WDW app on your phone.

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That’s good to know because I didn’t think DAS worked for character greetings! I didn’t try because he wasn’t really interested our first visit but now he likes doing that. Thanks!

We are right there with you on the noise. The first hill on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is really difficult for my little guy. We didn’t anticipate how much the noise on rollercoasters would bother him (complete mom fail on my part!), but the First Aid station came to the rescue! Turns out, they have ear plugs on hand. Once we got those, he was fine. The same thing happened during Jedi Training. The audio was so loud that most of his pictures are with his hand over his ears or one ear pressed against his shoulder while the other hand holds his ear. Broke my heart because he looked so miserable. As soon as he got done though, he had the biggest smile on his face and begged to do it again! Sometimes I don’t realize just how resilient my little guy is!


This is really great to hear @JuliaMc. Could you tell me more about how the DAS with characters works? I assume there is a cast member with an “end of the line to meet 7 dwarfs” sign. Do you talk to that person about the DAS? When you come back, where do you go?

Also, I’m trying to get a feel for how crowds might be on rides. When you say you didn’t need it for rides, is that because you didn’t ride many things or because crowds were so low?

Thank you for your insight!