MVMCP - worth it?

Hey all - were doing a 4 1/2 day trip - planning to spend our arrival day (late afternoon) and one full day at MK, and now considering getting tix for MVMCP to have more time in MK with little wait times. Our son is 4 and I have planned for a mid-day nap. Over the summer he had one wild night on the boardwalk where he stayed up until 11, so I think he can hang. It would be $290 for the three of us. Any and all advice would be appreciated!

Yes, yes!! We tried MVMCP for the first time when our son (our youngest) was 4 1/2, so glad we did, it was so much fun and now we do it every trip. Just go in thinking you’ll stay as long as he can hang but if you think he can, he probably will. That’s what we did and were surprised both kids made it to midnight.

We are doing it for the first time with DS6 this year. It will be on our fly-in day, arrive MCO 11:30 then express to Poly. I have been obsessing over BoG dinner time that night have a 4:30 and a 7:30. Assuming flight and check-in goes well, earlier dinner means if we start to fall apart then we can see the first parade and head. Later dinner is during the first parade but means more pool/relax time and then committed to the second parade which I hear is preferred for less crowded AND snow!, 10 or so right? I may keep both as insurance just in case and deal with the $40 no show on one, but maybe that is crazy?!

Are you likely to be back at Christmas again, if so I would wait. You know your kid and budget best, so what’s your gut instinct?