MVMCP Touring Plan

Can we set up a touring plan for MVMCP, or does anyone have a touring plan suggestion to share? We’re getting there at 4pm, and- like Gazelle- we want to try everything.

There is one somewhere! I asked the same thing. And I think they posted the link. I’ll try to find it, but I’m sure someone in the know can best me to it what day are you going?

I hope this link works.

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Thank you! I swear I searched for something similar, but came up with nothing!

This is an old thread, but I hate to make a new one…

Does TP normally update the plans for each year for MVMCP? And if so, when might that happen? The current template comes with multiple warnings as shows have different names, etc. Should I manually correct each item, or will TP have a 2019 edition?

Thank you!

You can sub them out. The new shows are listed under “seasonal events”.

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