MVMCP tonight!

Going to the party tonight. Best tips for parade/fireworks/characters? Where’s the best place to view and when do I need to be at that spot. Mom is riding a scooter.

Hi there! My group of 10 went to the MVMCP on 12/5. You really need to decide what events or characters are your priority - there is just not enough time during the party to accomplish everything, even though everyone sure does try to! We met the 7 Dwarfs early on and managed to grab a spot on Main Street for the first parade around 630pm - however, I think we got lucky on our night, which was sold out, and I would recommend that if you want a prime view for the first parade at 830pm, you should be on the curb by 6pm, especially with a scooter. While you wait, you can send people over to the firehouse for the SOTMK card, or to the restroom or to grab some food or drinks, or you can take turns getting some photos on Main Street or by the big Christmas Tree. Watching the parade on Main Street where the ‘snow’ comes down really is magical! If you sit there around 6ish, you’ll also catch the Castle lighting show, A Frozen Holiday Wish. After the parade, try to move up towards the Castle if you want to watch fireworks.

You can get in to Magic Kingdom with your party ticket around 4pm if you didn’t already plan that. Lots of people will leave after the fireworks, so lines for characters & rides will go down. But - be aware - some lines for characters will CLOSE prior to the end of the party if there are still a lot of people in line.

Who do you want to meet? We saw 7 Dwarfs, Tiana & Naveen, Rapunzel & Flynn Rider, Mary Poppins & Burt. We just missed the line for Snow White & Aurora and their princes, but we rode Buzz 2x, People Mover, 7DMT, Pooh, went to multiple treat stops, danced at the Cosmic Dance Party, saw the late Most Merriest Celebration show, and got tons of photo pass pictures. We didn’t make it over to Haunted Mansion or the snowman pretzel, and the line for Pooh & Friends was too long and our kids wanted rides.

Just remember that even if it’s crowded, you can still have lots of fun!

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To get a good spot for the 8:30 parade you need to grab a spot by 6:00?? Holy crap, that is insane!

I know! But since it snows on Main Street, it is the prime viewing spot. If you are a single or two adults, you could probably squeeze into a good spot closer to parade time. But if you have strollers, an ECV or young kids who want a curb spot, honestly I think 6pm is the safest bet.