MVMCP - Sun 11/26 or Tue 11/28?

Any suggestion on which of these MVMCPs to attend? Choosing between the two, and we could probably make either work.
Is the general rule of thumb that Tuesday parties are less crowded? Or would it even be much of a noticeable difference between the two? Also, would the fact that the Sunday 11/26 party is the first one after Thanksgiving make a difference?
We’ve gone to MVMCP every year since 2011, on various days, and I honestly have never found any to be “crowded”.

We went to Legoland on the Sunday after Thanksgiving last year, and we almost had the park to ourselves. We heard the same from another family who went to Busch Gardens. I’m sure it won’t be nearly that uncrowded at Disney, but in our experience, that particular Sunday is a great day to go to a Florida theme park. Most people are heading for home then.

Sort of what I was thinking…I’d kinda like to do Sunday simply b/c we’ll have some friends meeting us at the parks Monday and Tuesday and we’d like to do MVMCP w/o them, just together as a family lol. But could still make either work. Don’t suppose there are MVMCP specific crowd predictions anywhere on here @len?

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TP did a blog on this in June. . Looks like they think Tuesday 11/28 is much better than Sunday 11/26, in terms of busy-ness ranking, but they don’t really assign a crowd level so you can judge how much difference that will be. In other words, I can’t tell if the parties vary from CL1 to CL10, or from CL9.1 to CL9.9.

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