MVMCP special events

Sorry if already mentioned- Kenny the pirate says there is rumored to be a special “Frozen” theme party during MVMCP, like the Soirée at MNSSHP. It would be at the castle and feature Olaf, A&E, amd Kristoff.

I would love to do this, so if anyone hears this is a go, please post here so we can jump on it!!

I actually hope this happens. Have two kids who would flip for this- and based on his review of villain extra I think I would be happy with it. Plus… Meeting kristoff = priceless. :wink:

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I would really have to consider this just for the chance of a pic with olaf lol. I already have ttdp booked our party night.

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Our friends invited us to come in November and won’t let me pay for the room- I think this would be a nice thank you :slight_smile:

Really?? A special Frozen-themed event at MVMCP?? That’s funny, WDW has done absolutely nothing Frozen-themed in the parks to date, so I don’t see why they would start now…