MVMCP Sold Out?

Hello. I adjusted some travel plans for an upcoming trip to Florida so we would be in Orlando on Nov. 8th (departing for snowy home the 9th) in order to attend the Christmas Party. I definitely did not appreciate that the party sells out though and the event for the 8th now shows “Sold Out”. My mistake as I should have looked into it more in advance.

My question is: does anyone know of a way to still get tickets? Are they sold in local stores or at the park on the day of, for example? I tried calling the WDW phone number and they did not know.

Thanks for any help here!!! Hope all your travel plans are going well.

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Sorry to hear about your date being Sold Out. This does tend to happen for the first party of the season. I’ve never heard of them sold by other vendors or more being released. Also, they are nontransferable so don’t trust anyone trying to sell you tickets on a secondary market.

I know your date has passed, but maybe this will be useful to some else -

These are valid even on Sold Out nights

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So far, three dates have sold out:

Nov 8th
Nov 24th
Dec 22nd