MVMCP Schedule of events 2016

:christmas_tree: Is there a schedule of events for 2016 MVMCP released yet? I keep checking the disney site and I don’t see much other than an overview description.

thank you ! :sunflower:

I would love to know this as well. We are going to one of the first ones and I have never been to a hard ticket party, so don’t know what to plan. I want to have a plan of attack so I don’t feel like the whole party is a waste about what we could have done after the fact.

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Here is all the info/guide brocure from last year, I expect it to be mostly the same with maybe a few tweaks but this will give you an idea. If I see the new one I will post!


You’ll love it! MVMCP is so much fun, we’re going in early December and can’t wait!
Just some main points if you’re not familiar -
The party “officially” kicks off at 7pm until midnight, but you’re able to enter MK as early as 4pm w/ a MVMCP ticket even if you’re not visiting the park w/ regular admission that day or visiting another park earlier in the day (and don’t have park hoppers).
There is no FastPass+ during the party hours (but you don’t need it, as the parties are soooo much less crowded than regular park hours, we’ve walked on to most rides or waited an average of 5 minutes.
Some great meet/greets at the parties that you can only see at this event include the 7 dwarves, Mary Poppins/Burt/Penguins, Jack Skellington as Sandy Claws and I’m sure more that I’m forgetting…check out the guide for an idea of special showtimes, holiday parade (two parade times, don’t miss this one!) and Holiday Wishes fireworks. They usually have a Santa Claus meet in the Candy Cane garden (in Town Square).
There is special merchandise (pins, shirts etc…) that party-goers can purchase w/ a ticket.

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If you go into park hours on MDE and then onto the day you are going and then Magic Kingdom it lists the times of all the shows and parades, etc. Have fun, booked my tickets today!

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Just came across this year’s MVMCP brochure/schedule of events on KTP website. It’s the actual brochure so we know it’s accurate.


Thank you. Here they are in PDF for easy download to Goodreader etc.

MVMCP 1.pdf (235.8 KB)
MVMCP 2.pdf (275.6 KB)


Thanks @Spudsmom and @haylekk for posting! :tulip: