MVMCP Question

My family and I are going to DW Nov. 7-14. We are spending 2 days at MK and both days have MVMCP at night. I don’t plan on attending MVMCP because I don’t expect my son to stay up late enough to enjoy it. However, I’m wondering how they filter out non-MVMCP guests. I’m wondering if we would be able to do a quick service dinner in the park around 6pm before we leave, or will they refuse to serve us?

You won’t be able to eat at that time. They give party goers wrist bands and if you don’t have one, they will filter you out. It’s actually very efficient. You would think you could hang around, but you won’t be able to.

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You will need to order before 6pm then you will be escorted from the park as soon as you are finished.

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You could however do a table service meal at 5:55 and take your time eating. Worked out well with CRT.