MVMCP parade & fireworks

If you were planning on attending MVMCP would you also plan to catch the Main Street Electrical Parade & Wishes (2 nights earlier) or would you skip the Electrical Parade & Wishes?

Definitly not going to give up MVMCP, but just wonding if it will be redundant after seeing the Main Street Electrical Parade and Wishes.

Will be traveling with husband, 5yo DD and 2yo DS

Holiday Wishes is different than regular Wishes. I enjoy seeing both.

I wouldn’t skip MSEP. Definitely see that 2 nights earlier if you can. If fireworks aren’t your or your family’s thing, and you’re doing the party, definitely see Holiday Wishes.

Celebrate the Magic and the fireworks are so great! I would plan on watching both. I greatly prefer the MVMCP parade to MSEP. I think it is just me- the music just won’t get out of my head!

We are doing both this year- they are different productions. If you don’t have time for both- though- MVMCP will get you the ‘fix’ for a parade and fireworks. The 2nd parade at MVMCP will be less crowded, but that will be pretty late for very young kids- so you will have to see how well they are holding up as you get into the later evening. My kids were 5 and 6 the first time we took them to MVMCP- and they didn’t make it past the fireworks at MVMCP- had to get them to bed.