MVMCP optimized for rides?

My 23 yo daughter and I are attending MVMCP as her only MK visit during her three day WDW vacation. While I’ve read ride lines aren’t extremely short during this hard-ticketed event, I would love advice on how to optimize the event for rides, and still see the major entertainment offerings.

We’re doing the party the Thursday before Thanksgiving week and we’ll arrive at MK at 4pm. My first thought is to utilize the WDW Lines app with the WDW app during the 4-7pm time period for rides, and continue to ride through the first parade time. I’m also thinking about adding the Tony’s Most Merriest Town Square Party for some adult beverages, non-sweet food, and great viewing for the 2nd parade (the party is her bday present, which, in my mind, justifies the cost!).

All opinions, advice and thoughts on this specific subject are welcomed and appreciated! Thank you——Rachel

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No advice just bumping to say sounds like a great time! If the Christmas party is like Halloween in that some rides close for the party, check what those are as soon as the party map comes out, and just make sure you get those rides in before 6pm.

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