MVMCP open until midnight?

Why does the Touring plans only allow you to put in plan times until 11 if the park is open until midnight on party nights? Do the rides stop at 11?

Hmm, that’s odd -MVMCP goes until midnight and so do the rides.

That’s what I thought. The plan puts me at our last ride at 10:55 (PP) and says we may not make it to everything. I guess we’ll just have some extra time if everything runs til 12 but thought it was odd.

Anyone know why the plan is doing this? I have yet to finalize my plan for our MVMCP night and am curious too. @len?

Is there anything missing from your plan? If you add an attraction twice does it extend past 11?

I added another ride and it did allow it. Just got the message saying I might not be able to get everything done before plans end. Can not put anything later than 11 pm for plan hours.

Well, for what it’s worth, the MVMCP party plans say that it can’t “optimize” since party times and M&G are unpredictable?! I hadn’t bothered trying to optimize anything until one comes out based on some 2016 data, ie. very close to trip time.