MVMCP on Vetrans Day - please help

Do you think MVMCP will be at max capacity since all the parks are a 10 That day? Would it be better to go the next night on Tuesday? I’d really like to avoid the parks during the day since they are all a 10, so was thinking MVMCP or just make it a Disney Springs/pool day.

Also, how do you do a TP for MVMCP? Just lik e normal or does to TP know it’s a CP and take that info in account via the parade and different crowd levels etc. I’m guessing no, but I’ve seen people say make. Touring Plan, but I don’t see how if there aren’t options to choose that pertain to the party.

Thanks, I need to decide ASAP which day to buy tickets for so I can make dining reservations in a few days.

I’m leaning toward going to MVMCP that day but I have no knowledge of whether it will sell out (hoping not). There are a couple of touring plans for MVMCP at:

I had no idea there was a TP for that, thank you. Now everyone else, tell me what to do :grimacing:

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Is MK at a 10 even with the party that night? I thought MK was generally less crowded on party nights.

The one thing that gives me hope is that if Disney expected it to sell out the price would be higher but it’s a lower priced party

I guess because it’s Veterans Day they just upped every park that day to a 10. And instead of having it on Sunday night which we seems to be the norm they have it on Veterans Day Monday.

Well I did it. I bought MVMCP for Vetrans Day. Now to plan my ADR.s. 180 day is Tuesday morning.

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Hope you get the ADRs you want. I got mine yesterday.

How’d it go? I’m going Jersey Week which is typically busier and I was able to get all my ADR’s. I hope you got yours!

I had made 3 plans in case I had to swap days but I was able to get everything for plan 1 within 20 minutes of my wish list.

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Same! I couldn’t get a Tusker dinner, but was fine getting a lunch. Now onto TP’s and strategizing FP times!

It went good. I had trouble getting hoop de doo musical to work, but finally did. We have minimal TS planned bc we’re not doing the dining plan this year. I keep feeling like I should be reserving more! My daughter wants to do Chef Mickey but it’s just so darn expensive!

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I know! Everything is so expensive! Could you do a breakfast sometime?

Is chef Mickey cheaper at breakfast? I hate how they don’t put the exact price.

I know. It’s takes a lot of research. I had a whole spreadsheet, but deleted that sheet by accident. I’ve googled and found this for you. :slight_smile: Yes breakfast cost less than dinner, adult is $41 and child is $25 for breakfast, where dinner is $50 and $30. This does not include tip.

Thank you!